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“The Part of Fortune & Its Parts”

As a Thank You, I’m offering you here the opportunity to grab your personal listing of over 19,000 asteroids in Zodiac Order at 40% discount, so you can find the essence of your Part of Fortune expression for this life.

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Buy Your Asteroid List

Your personal list of 19,000+ asteroid positions in zodiac (longitude) order
(easy to find aspects to your planets); in a PDF file emailed to you.

  • Includes every Asteroid’s NameLongitiude (Tropical Zodiac position), and ID Number.
  • It may take 48 hours or so for your emailed list to be delivered to you as this is not an automated service
    The data input for the calculation of your Asteroids, and formatting, is done manually and personally emailed to you.
  • Warning: printing the file will result in more than 300 pages!
    It works best digitally, anyway, to easily find zodiac locatons for planetary aspects, and specific names.

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