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Have More Questions About My Research Areas ? 
I may be able to answer them for everyone through my book series

After 34 years of research, it’s easy for me to forget what other people may still be curious about.
My first book series is planned for publication in late 2019, and I am still writing, with others to soon follow. (And there are many more books in the works!)

I think when I was a baby, I didn’t cry “Whaaa”, I cried “Why???”. Drove my mother crazy with my questions. So, subjects I’m writing about in my book series include my exclusive research into:

  • astrology & the brain—how it works
  • reincarnation & consciousness
  • Buddhist psycho-philosophy astrologically in the brain
  • flower essences (vibrational healing)
  • subtle self-sabotage & unconscious anxiety
  • and other related curiosities

 So, any questions you have in these areas, please jot them down in this survey. I won’t be mentioning your name or your questions in my book, but will try to answer your queries generally throughout my writing, as you will be reminding me of the questions I had also once asked!

I will soon have a quick (and easy) Surveyhere, with room for your comments and questions, to guide you through the topics I cover in my book series. But for now there is an email button below

Your queries are welcome. My book series is for you!

Survey: ask me !

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