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Example Themes for Progress Sessions

Now that we have thoroughly explored your highest purpose and have seen where the subtle sabotage had been holding you back (BigView), and we have delved into your unique personal talents and challenges (Zoom-In), we can now scrutinise some themes in your chart even more deeply; or you can book brief sessions for support and ongoing guidance.


Note: These may vary in the time required for each consultation, from 15 minutes to a couple of hours
  • Immediate advice (brief sessions)
  • Clarification
  • Assessing Progress with your Career/Business
    These sessions can keep you on-track and enthused, with ever finer details for your immediate challenges.
  • Reality-checks
    Avoiding immediate subtle sabotage.
  • Proof-reading documents
    Checking for subtle sabotage.
  • Checking business artwork
    Such as letterheads, business cards, etc, for subtle sabotage.
  • Focus on recurring Self-Sabotage Patterns
    Especially those of terror and fear; also procrastination and loss of life-passion.
  • RedgateSpace (including the Taoist Bagua)
    Utilising the birth chart of an individual; a couple (Composite Chart & Synastry); or a business. Astrological signatures from the chart for colour, cultural themes, and ‘Bagua’ placements, to enhance the compatibility of an environment with specific persons; and to negate self-sabotage symbolism in the home or work-space. May also be of assistance with logo design criteria, etc. Consultations by hourly increments.
  • Relocation Charts
    Thinking of moving to another city or country? Not every individual town and city is represented yet by an asteroid, but a great many are. Based on your birth chart, we can investigate your relocation possibilities in two different ways.
    —If you have a particular place in mind, I can re-calculate your birth chart as though you had been born there. This will show the details of the effect that location may have on your life, goals, and karmic issues. We can do this for any location on the planet.
    —If you have no idea where you would like to move to, I can investigate the ‘place’ asteroids in your chart, beginning with the continents and working our way down into countries, cities and other locations. The pinpoint accuracy of this investigation will depend on the availability of places as asteroid names. We have a huge selection, but not all places are represented. However, it can still give you a starting point to consider to make your choice easier. And knowing which cultural influences are strongest in your psyche, and why, can help tremendously. Then we can Relocate your birth chart to the place(s) you’d like to consider, for the finer details.
    This service requires an extra fee for the background research I’ll have to do before your session. Contact me for details so I can calculate the fee for your personal requirements. For the best possible outcome, I recommend you have at least a ‘Big View’ session first, so you can be aware of your higher goals in life and any subtle-sabotage patterns you may be running unconsciously. Of course, once you are settled into a new location, you have the option of a Redgate Space session (see above) to help with basic Feng Shui guidance for your new home or office, related to your personal/business birth chart.
  • Karmic/Mind-Stream Origins of Health Issues
    Especially relates to subtle self-sabotage patterns—Full recovery from any physical ailment requires that we understand the origin of our unconscious belief patterns that need to be ‘rewritten’ in the brain.
  • Checking Extra Asteroids
    We may discover other asteroids in your full asteroid list, which weren’t discussed during your sessions (examples: your friends’/relatives’/associates’ names; places you’ve visited or would like to visit; historical people/events; even car brands before you buy!…). In small numbers, this can be done on the fly without having to pay for extra preparation. Also, my asteroid files are updated by the software regularly as new asteroids are named.
  • Investigating Asteroids Related to Other Kinesiology or Psychic Sessions
    We can do further research on your significant past-life scenarios after kinesiology or Psychic sessions you’ve had with other therapists, which had been based on our prior work with your chart. There may be asteroids that fill in the blanks once the finer details (especially times, dates, places) have been clarified via kinesiology.
    (Note: not all kinesiologists do past-life investigation and you must already have some details to initiate the responses, which astrology can provide—more on this in one of my soon-to-be-published books.)
  • Spiritual Perfections: Higher Bodhisattva Path
    When you are ready for a spiritual leap, my exclusive research of the 6 Buddhist Virtues of the Bodhisattva (beyond the 8-Fold Path) as they can be revealed in your birthchart, can stimulate compassion, wisdom, and inner work for your higher spiritual mastery and conscious living. Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, revealed these virtuous practices, elaborated centuries later by Shantideva, as necessary to help us overcome the final traces of ego-consciousness, to develop our responsibility and effectiveness in the world. Their astrological counterparts have been a significant part of my research since the late 1980s. (Also especially useful if you are interested in Buddhist pycho-philosophy, though this is not necessary for developing these higher virtues in your life.)
Progress Sessions are an integral part of the Bodhimind Program,
an umbrella program linking all my individual services for a comprehensive solution and support,
to keep you buoyant and inspired.
For an overview, see the Bodhimind Program page of my website
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