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What Are Transits?

Hindsight for Clarity—Foresight for Opportunity

Many clients have benefited greatly by booking 12-monthly or 6-monthly Strategy Transit Sessions for clarification and direction concerning the year or months ahead.

Astrological Transits are not ‘predictions’ but transiting influences that can be calculated from the current or future positions of planetary bodies as they impact upon your own astrological birth-chart/brain-set. These Transit periods can be selected for a time-frame of your choice, even a single event.

While the actual Transit itself is predictable, your reaction to it is not. There are several possible ways you can respond to any transiting factor. An informed astrological appraisal can direct you towards the most beneficial response, in keeping with your professional goals and spiritual aspirations, as depicted in your birth-chart.

When these outer influences are studied against the backdrop of your own astrological birth chart (again, corresponding to the essential ‘hard-wiring’ of the neural net in your brain at birth), they can present useful opportunities; or there may be challenges evident that, once understood, can be utilised for spiritual, personal, or career advancement.


To recognize the challenge in its spiritual form,
rather than the challenge that the ego senses,
is the significant point;
and Yogacara Astrology has been designed to make
this distinction easier for you to recognise at all times


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As an analogy, if you are happily swimming in the surf, a stranger standing on a nearby headland could see a huge wave approaching behind you long before you see it. But it is not really possible for that stranger to predict exactly what impact you will experience from that wave. Yet the stranger can see the wave advancing, so several possible scenarios become obvious. However, if you are warned of the wave’s approach, you can make choices such as a deliberate dive to escape the violent dumping, or body-surfing the wave to shore. The advanced warning is useful information for deciding on the most advantageous strategy.

Astrological transits are no different from this. A skilled astrologer who has thoroughly understood both the challenges and the aspirations evident within your personal astrological birth chart, can assist you to use these frequencies wisely, to steer around past-life ‘mind’ obstacles in the way, and to use the challenges as opportunities for advancement at all levels.

All astrological transits are purely subtle resonant frequencies impacting upon your brain circuitry in real time. However they can produce emotional reactions, based on subconscious memories of past-life experiences with these same frequencies, which are no longer valid in this life. My role is also to provide a reality check for you, so that you are empowered to bring about the best outcome and use of these frequencies in fulfilling your current inner or outer goals.

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Strategy Transit Sessions

A single Strategy Transit session is most usually booked to cover a 6-month or 12-month period of personal transits; or, in some cases, a detailed astrological exposé of a past event for clarification and closure.

Strategy Transit sessions can now be booked for briefer forecasts by the month or so in mini-sessions of a minumum 15-minute duration (fees based on 15-minute increments). These mini-sessions can be more efficient, immediate, and affordable, and may be useful for quick check-ins of even single-day transiting factors regarding a specific event.

It is also possible to analyse the transiting effects on the birth charts of businesses or companies, as the beginning or registration of a business will be harmonically linked to the birth chart of its founder. So it is still a quality of ‘mind’, and businesses do have lives of their own with challenges and aspirations visible in the chart of the company’s foundation.

It is recommended for optimum effectiveness that at least a Big View astrology session be completed with me before we can embark on a Strategy Transit session together. Though, it is preferable to have also completed a Zoom-In astrology session with me for the finer details of your chart. It is vital to first be aware of any challenges, any hidden or out-dated concepts, and any inherent but possibly dormant talents which the transits may influence.

This puts you in control of your life events with clarity; and through mindfulness of your personal mind-map, you can ride through a productive course, taking advantage of all influences for positive outcomes and their successful timing.

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