Designing Your Career for Exceptional Purpose with Kerrie Redgate

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Having an Exceptional Purpose enriches your life.
It also enriches the lives of others.
This is your inherent spiritual power,
which drives both genuine success and durable happiness.

KERRIE REDGATE (from a forthcoming book)

In early 2008, the world began a new 16-year astrological paradigm of Ethics, Personal Authority, and Responsibility.

This new paradigm has consequently evolved into the era of the entrepreneur & the solopreneur (and this shift will continue on into the next paradigm where specialist freelancing will be widespread).

Never before has it been possible for so many people, globally, to express their talents in unique, globally useful, and personally profitable ways.

This means that if you are to thrive, this current era actually demands that you find and express your inherent purpose, to become a trusted authority in your niche, even if you work within a company. It is your perceived value that is the key.

Your entire brain was ‘wired’
for a specific life-purpose at birth,
which is why you decided to incarnate
in the first place;
and why your specific Purpose & Talents
can be found in
your Astrology Chart:
a ‘screenshot’ of that moment

Firstly, here are the benefits from actually living your Exceptional Purpose:

  1. Being on-target with your essential Life-Purpose initiates your Plan, which always involves unexpected opportunities. Challenges will always be there, as usual, but the solutions will often be miraculous
  2. You will be living through your Heart and spiritual consciousness, which is the basis of the immune system—living ‘consciously’ keeps you healthier!
  3. You will be contributing to the upliftment of the human condition (and if you are still reading this, you are someone who has that potential)
  4. You will have a greater chance for success, as it is your originally chosen destiny: you won’t be pushing up-hill, trying to accomplish something your psyche was never equipped to do.
  5. You will be happier and inspired by your work, and this leads to happier relationships!


The tools for fulfilling an Exceptional Purpose
have never been more easily accessible as they are right now.
And opportunities are vast.
. . . However, unseen forces within your own subconscious mind
can stifle your efforts to live an exceptional life.


Sadly, many entrepreneurs still never get "to be" because:

  1. they lack confidence in their ideas, or
  2. they have never tried to fit their vision into the bigger picture of their lives, or
  3. their own psyches are running a subtle self-sabotage program that is either causing things to go wrong, or creating confusion as to what their actual Life Purpose or Unique Talents could be. This incredibly insidious sabotage can also trigger physical illnesses (this has also been a decades-long focus of my research).


Let’s look at these more closely:

  1. Lack of confidence in your ideas and dreams is actually a morbid focus on self and self-preservation, and can be overcome through the development of compassion. There are specific meditation techniques that can help with this.
  2. Making space for a new life with a greater vision is simply a matter of time-discipline and strategy. And of course, this depends on having confidence in your ideas. (See point 1!)
  3. Finding the source of a subtle self-sabotage program, and how it works, is vital. This involves understanding your own deepest psyche, and appreciating how this pattern can be useful when turned around. (Hint: My Yogacara Astrology system can help with this!)
Stage Setting for Sabotage - U.S. NARA poster

This last point is my specialty

It took many years of brain-storming and working with clients in six-hour to ten-hour sessions, gathering the many pieces of the sabotage-jigsaw-puzzle, trying to find the source of the picture the pieces were making.

And eventually I found it!

I had deduced, back in the late 1980s, that a controversial and largely ignored (both astrologically and astronomically) piece of our solar system was the mirror of the source of the sabotaging problem, but I didn’t then know exactly why.

The answer evolved in stages over many years, and also involved the help of other therapists, such as specialist kinesiologists and gifted spiritual counsellors, as well as incremental updates in the software programs I was using for my asteroid research (a special thanks to David Cochrane of Cosmic Patterns Software). And of course, the invaluable feedback from my clients and students was a vital aspect of this research .

One of the books in the series I am currently completing will elaborate on this entire process, and will also include precise astrological detail for those who require it. It is a complex subject and necessarily requires an entire book. Though, I do cover this in my Yogacara Professional Astrology Course.

Your own potential in life
far exceeds your own expectations!

Whether facing the wall of unconscious anxiety, or of seemingly-external obstacles, you cannot afford to allow yourself to slip back into the old, safe paradigm of The Familiar, as wrapped inside any insidious fear or terror is your actual Gift, struggling to burst through.

The greater your inner resistance in this struggle,
the closer you are to a breakthrough;
Only your uniquely filtered perception
stands in your way

THE FIRST STEP is to uncover your highest potentials for mastery in this life.

I have developed an advanced system of Western Astrology, over four decades, to do this—with fresh and uplifting interpretations for the 21st century. I actually reverse-engineer your chart to discover your original purpose for incarnating.

The Astrology chart is
a map of the mind-brain interface,
reflected in the geometry of the solar system
through the lens of the Earth’s magnetic field

THE NEXT STEP is to gain deeper insights into your complex levels of mind, to guide the reversal of old patterns that no longer serve your Purpose.

The advanced 4th-century system of BUDDHIST YOGACARA PSYCHOLOGY is superbly successful for this purpose, and still highly relevant today! I was astonished to find that it dovetails perfectly with my interpretation of astrology, which has been based on three decades of intensive work with clients, and of course is why I chose the term Yogacara Astrology for this system.

Yogacara Astrology employs
a personally relevant interpretation,
combining both the pragmatic and
higher spiritual (‘super-conscious’)
levels of your mind

And for further support in this endeavour:

  • Personalised Flower Essence formulas speed the process when utilised consistently over time, the length of which depends on your own inner resistance.
  • RedgateSpace consultations are valuable in healing any subtle inner sabotage within your physical environmental spaces, guiding you through Taoist Feng Shui principles linked to your birth chart.
  • Reiki (Spiritual) Empowerments (from the Buddhist perspective), for those who are so inclined, are the icing on the cake for opening to compassion, to your natural intuition, and your innate healing ability.
  • A integrated book series based on my 30-years of research, due for publication in 2018
  • Comprehensive courses based on my research (online in late 2018) can bring your own chart’s potential to life for you in a profound away.
  • Providing a Resource Forum for peer-to-peer support and sharing—exclusively for my clients and students—can offer inspiration through your personal interaction with others on an exceptional path. (Launching soon, in 2018.) You are not alone.

You have a precious human life.
Fabulous opportunity!
It can be easily wasted as time slips away,
that’s the flip side
. . .
Better to have a plan!
It is now time for your personal spiritual development
to be linked to your Purpose

You will come across the term ‘Bodhimind‘ in my services. ‘Bodhi’ is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning ‘awake’. The ‘awakened mind’ is one of unrelenting Wisdom, which naturally generates Compassion for all living beings. It is the basis of all good results.

You are welcome to dive into this website to see what is possible
when ancient tools are reshaped
for our current awareness, aspirations and almost limitless opportunities.

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