Living with
Exceptional Purpose

A Life-Changing Course

A Practical & Unique Life-Changing Course

Revealing    Supporting    Inspiring

Your Finer Gifts & Your Ultimate Life Purpose


With an alternative in-house live course
being planned for Brisbane (Australia)

“Kerrie, I have such fantastic memories of learning astrology from you and of you in general. You are a brilliant teacher and researcher. You are a brilliant interpreter of astrology.”


Kerrie’s Objective:

offers an entirely unique and highly effective
for gentle inner transformation,
leading to transformed lives
Brilliance with Exceptional Purpose.

Astrology is no longer the tool of the mystic, the sorcerer, or even the charlatan.
Astrology is now an exemplary science of consciousness that can at last be placed in the hands of the entrepreneur, the solopreneur, the psychologist, the healer, the educator, & any discerning individual.

This course will be an uplifting, awakening experience
providing fresh insights into your own:

  •  Highest Career Options & Purpose
  • Inherent Talents
  • Decision-Making Processes
  • Source of inner Power
  • Higher Virtues
  • Mental Ability/Challenges to Focus
  • Relationship Dynamics—Fostering Maturity
  • Emotional Blockages—Rational Explanations
  •  Communication style—Pluses & Suggestions
  • Ideal Physical Activity for Emotional Balance
  • Whole-brain Integration
  • Health-Sabotage Areas—Reprogramming
  • Attitudes to Time
  • Harnessing of Astrological Influences
  • ‘Tapestry’ of your Life
  • and more . . .

We are going to strip away the ‘dark psychology’ personality-trait keywords from trad 20th-century astrology, and get down to the essence of what astrological frequencies essentially do in the brain, and how we can harness them to essentially ‘rewire’ the brain for positivity and personal power.

 Each one of us has an unconscious, innate belief that other people see life the way we do. In this course, you will discover not only how different world views can be, but also why other people see things so differently.

This opens the door to compassion and cooperation. The more harmony you can create with others, the more successful and happy your life will become.

A New Language—A New Perspective

Astrology is a language that can be usefully applied to all areas of your life and business, and for your entire life. This beautiful language of consciousness should be taught to children in schools, should be known to everyone; and it has the capacity also to bring greater understanding and appreciation of the differences in people, and even in our animal friends.

“Thank you, Kerrie, sooooo much. I am so glad I followed my spirit’s calling back in 1991 when I saw the ad for your course in a shop window. Best decision I ever made!”


While an innovative language system of Western Astrology is at the core of this work, it is not my intention, through this particular specialised course, to turn you into an astrologer (there is another course for that!—see the Yogacara Astrology page on this site).

To know other languages has always been a great boon in life, whether you are fluent in English plus Japanese, German, Spanish or Chinese; or HTML, CSS, and PHP; or Sign-language; or physics; or music; or any other type of language.

I have seen how knowledge of the science of Astrology,
applied in a powerful and practical way,
can enhance people’s lives.

This is why I am excited about teaching you this language and its skillful use, especially as applied to your own Purpose and Business acumen.

This course focuses on the POSITIVE, 

not dwelling on any negative personality traits

or harmful habitual behaviour.

Personal EMPOWERMENT heals your Heart.

The Living With Exceptional Purpose Course has been designed to also give you the business advantage of being able to easily and rationally predict major paradigm changes in the world economy and markets. I was able to publicly predict the GFC accurately for early 2008, years before it occurred! (And there are more changes to come!)

You don’t need to be an economist to see these trends—they actually have more to do with human psychology en-masse (it is essentially ‘mind’ that alters economies), when affected by subtle but powerful changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. Because these field changes are predictable, Astrology provides the key to the timing and cause of these global influences.

When you can see the waves coming you can make plans to ride them; that is, you have a chance to rethink your business, products, marketing, and services to align with the new consumer/client needs—in advance!

Below is a snippet from my TV interview on ‘Conversations With Robyn’, filmed in 2006, talking about the changes that would occur from 2008 for especially global businesses and economies—and which did, and continue to, actually happen in many countries across the world. This is a 16-year paradigm, so we’re just a little over half-way through! However, nothing is set in stone. We can alter any impending negative outcome through awareness and ethical action. (Note: Keep an eye on the USA! They are in the thick of this transit—talk about “ethics” issues!)

For you, most importantly, the Living With Exceptional Purpose course will lead to the recognition of your own latent abilities and finer qualities that may have remained dormant through lack of awareness, or fear of stretching a little further to a higher expression based on compassion and your inherent wisdom.

Also, through gaining a greater appreciation of the differences in people, you may recognise where others (whether your own children, co-workers, or your employees) can be most effective in any business or company , contributing to their own higher achievements, and thus the achievements of the company, business, or solo venture, itself.

You will also have access to exclusive downloadable
e-booklets for study purposes,
to accompany each module


“You are an amazing teacher
and a true pioneer!”


Brief email contact will also be available for clarification between modules. And there will also be an online student forum available where ideas can be discussed amongst you. This is a terrific way to see these teachings from all perspectives and to challenge me to take you that little bit further!

It is entirely up to you as to whether you wish to learn this unique Astrology system offered in its entirety, or simply use the information relevant only to you.

However, this course presents a wonderful opportunity to begin to hone new skills that can be utilised for your inner guidance—as well as the recognition of psychological world trends!—for self and business, and for the rest of your life.

The Tools

Some of the tools that are entwined in a unique way in this course:

  • An advanced system of Astrology used in a psychological & spiritual context & also for the awareness of subtle self-sabotage in any area of life.
  • Buddhist ethics & psychology (particularly from the Indian ‘Yogacara’ / Chinese ‘Faxiang’ schools) providing an ethical framework for success and higher aspiration; and for understanding the psychological processes of your Mind, especially related to the development of Karma (’cause-and-effect’) and Merit (cause of ‘positive mind/experiences’).
  • Taoist philosophy from ancient China to appreciate the flow, balance, and complementarity in all circumstances, to merge your specific polarities into wholeness, thus avoiding projection onto others.
  • Taoist principles of ‘space’ (incorporating the basic Feng Shui Bagua) to balance your environment with your elemental & psychological ‘mind-map’ from your birth-chart.
  • Astrological science of Colour Resonance, for harmony (based on astrological interpretations), which can be personally used in your environment, your clothing, your business logo, card & letterhead, etc. . .
  • . . . and heaps more!

Astrology should NEVER be about judgement

— Kerrie Redgate

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Plus, you will immediately be able to download a copy of my 2008 Insight Magazine article Cult or Consciousness: A Global Ultimatum, an astrological exposé of both the previous astrological global era (1995–2007) in contrast to our current one (which began in 2008!).

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