What Is the Mindstream and Reincarnation?

The Mindstream & Reincarnation

Firstly, reincarnation is not a religion.
Though various religions, throughout the history of humanity, have acknowledged the survival and transmigration of consciousness.


In Buddhist psycho-philosophy, that which continues from life to life is the mindstream (not the personality!).

Your conscious mind is not all there is to consciousness. Your subconscious mind, below the surface of your awareness, controls the vast majority of the decisions you make in life. All of your choices are based on past conditions and experiences, even if those conditions don’t exist now in precisely the same way they had done previously.

The subconscious mind, however, does not simply store unrecalled memories from this life, but from many others that the mindstream has recorded while embodied in various guises. The mindstream is not stagnant. There is no stagnant you. You are constantly growing and evolving. Your mind (and brain) is developing with each new experience, and your body is altering its chemistry and shape based on these experiences.

Death is a more sudden change in the body. With every new incarnation, you take on a new astrology chart that exemplifies what you had created with the last one. In this way, you can grow and evolve exponentially, taking on new roles and new types of environmental challenges that continue your evolution back to the pristine mind of pure awareness.

So, what has this got to with Astrology?

Essentially, everything. Again:

The Astrology chart is a map of the mind-brain interface, reflected in the geometry of the solar system through the lens of the Earth’s magnetic field.

This is obviously a complex subject, which I am tackling in a forthcoming book based on decades of my own clinical research in this area. But we can begin by considering that all circumstances are created from cause and effect; and due to that principle, the astrology map you choose to be born under must resonate with prior causes and conditions—your prior causes and conditions.

This map also contains the resonance to your aspirations for this life, your main motivation for returning. These can also be read via the astrology chart.

To know where you are going, you must first examine where you had been; and then how you can utilise those past experiences in your current incarnation.

Yogacara Astrology can elaborate on the contents of your subconscious mind as ‘container’, as well as the spiritual attributes you are here to master. And when we tap into the asteroids for the finer details, your useful stories emerge: the deeper past is then transformed into fuel for your future.

This is enormously valuable for stepping into a life of Exceptional Purpose.

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