Why Astrology?

Why Astrology for Life Purpose Direction?


Not much is understood about the science of astrology in the culture of the West (even though the West has the science now to explain it); and bogus tabloid Sun Sign columns have not helped the profession’s struggle for legitimacy.

Regardless, my own innovative astrology system
has been my life’s work.


To understand the ‘Why’,
it is first necessary to understand the ‘What’…

Most astrologers in the West have no idea how astrology works! But my curious brain had to set about solving the riddle. (As a kid, I was always reading spy novels and watching detective shows on TV!) This research has taken me decades, and has necessarily involved the study and synthesis of a number of varied fields—some scientific, some metaphysical, and some philosophical.

I am currently writing a comprehensive book (due for publication in early 2018) to explain the science behind genuine astrology, in the hope that the general populace of the world can be educated regarding what astrology is, and what astrology can become. There are also other books in this series to support and explain further how astrology and consciousness are inextricably linked.

So please bear with me here for this very brief definition:

Personal Astrology uses a ‘screenshot’ of the Solar System and the Earth’s Field at the moment of your birth. (Western ‘Tropical’ Astrology does not use the distant galaxies and fixed star patterns as its Zodiac; though ancient Indian Vedic Astrology does.)

This screenshot is actually a representation of frequency patterns, defined using the ancient astrological language (some of which is still used by NASA today), which reveals a unique pattern of sympathetic harmonic resonance with your higher spiritual consciousness at birth, and which consequently ‘hard-wired’ your brain in that moment.

An aside: The initial volume in my book series will elaborate on my exclusive research into the continuation of the mindstream after death—this will be a periodically free book in the digital versions only, scheduled for publication in 2018, and a later print book available online.

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As all thoughts—all phenomena of ‘mind’ (as energy) at all levels—emit particular frequencies, this screenshot of sympathetic harmonic resonance (being your birth-chart) contains the imprints of a significant past and your aspirations for this current life.

Only the Astrologer can interpret this ‘screenshot’.

The good people at NASA/JPL (who provide us with the data astrologers need), along with most other astronomers, cannot interpret this language, and this is where we part company.

Astronomers are observers
Astrologers are interpreters


And now for the ‘Why’ …

Back in the 1970s, I wasn’t terribly happy with a lot of the traditional interpretations in Astrology text-books.

From especially the last quarter of the 20th century, these astrological interpretations were borrowed closely from ‘dark psychology’.

In 1986 I was fortunate to have met Garry Wiseman, an innovative astrology teacher who gave me the inspirational foundations I needed on which to to build my work. I have since researched and developed my own techniques, having combined many areas of study to produce a new system of interpretation, which I have labelled Yogacara Astrology.

Here are some of the useful details I am able to decipher from the resonant map of the solar system at your birth:

  • Your EXCEPTIONAL PURPOSE for this life
  • Your CREATIVE TALENTS for career or emotional outlet
  • Your personal path to COMPASSION (compassion reduces stress!)
  • Your pertinent HIGHER VIRTUES & VALUES for your success

and also:

    as origins of specific & habitual SELF-SABOTAGE PATTERNS (Unconscious Anxiety)
  • The recognition & understanding of your emotional STRESS BUTTONS
  • Your relevant PAST-LIFE EXPERIENCES as habit-patterns imprinted in your brain ‘circuitry’


The greatest value from at least one Exceptional Purpose session with me is that you will always have a guide-map to point you in the right direction for every decision you will need to make in the future.

Your methods, tools, and professions may alter, to greater or lesser degrees, in accord with the changes in our technology, culture, and economies.

But the fundamental motivation and direction of your Purpose will both remain the same. Understanding these enhances your adaptability.


This service is available as private consultations &/or modular personal-development courses (online soon)
An astrology chart can be read as the interface between the mind and brain at birth. And being non-linear, it is also your mandala of consciousness. There may be times when you can use an experienced guide while navigating the maze of your own multi-levels of mind.


Our Current Global Astrological Paradigm is
Principally the Era of Ethics

Hence the easily predicted GFC! (See my video interview clip in the Footer.)

This affects (and challenges) all businessesand governments!—no matter how small or large. It includes your personal dealings with others, and every aspect of your career. ‘Right-livelihood‘ has never been more vital as it is now: Ethics, customer care policies, responsibility, and a genuine goal of making a positive difference, should be your most basic commitment throughout this 16-year paradigm, and hopefully beyond!

When you can see these changing paradigms, you can act in perfect flow from the outside of that global influence, looking in with the eyes of sanity.

This era presents your greatest opportunity to develop your personal mastery and skills, to build innovative foundations for making a difference to the lives of others. And Astrology is the perfect tool for helping you make that happen.

If you have some very basic questions about Astrology, generally, you might find the answers on the FAQ page of this site.

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