Why Study ‘Mind’ ?

Why is it Important to Study ‘Mind’ ?


Mind is all there is . . .

You may think your circumstances in life are purely accidental or coincidental, but this is not the case. Your deep past-life circumstances have created your subconscious beliefs, and these are the basis for everything you experience in this life.

Especially your deep-seated beliefs have particular harmonic resonances in the brain, producing frequency patterns that were also resounding in the heavens and the Earth’s field at the moment you took your first breath. (Again, this will be fully explained through my forthcoming book series.)

Somewhat unfortunately, these frequencies can be read quite differently through various styles of astrological interpretation. While there are scant few astrologers with Degrees in Psychology (though they can be found), many Western astrologers employ a kind of hybrid system of Western Pop Psychology and Astrology blended together.

This hybrid has often been based on ‘dark psychology’ which tends to focus on finding problems rather than finding inherent talents and spiritual qualities. It is very easy to overlay a typically negative human behaviour onto an individual’s birth chart.

An example of a common misguided interpretation:

An individual who has an uncomfortable geometrical angle (typically 90°) between, let’s say, his Moon and Pluto positions may be asked if he has an ‘overbearing mother’. The response may very well be in the affirmative (and the client is then astonished!).

And hence, ‘Mother’ is conveniently blamed for his emotional disturbances and power issues. (I have actually heard clients express this psychological realisation after traditional therapy; and, sadly, even after seeing another astrologer.)

However, as Mother usually becomes our first deeply emotional attachment as babies and small children, she is a reflection of the qualities the Moon is triggering for us at our birth. In other words, she is a ‘stand-in’, a projection of sorts. If you had asked this client’s brother to describe his Mother, she may be painted as a gentle and tolerant person.

Can this Mother be inherently both? And why do these siblings experience her so differently?

Our subtle beliefs create expectations,
and so we treat others as WE EXPECT THEM to treat us

Do we offer an approaching policeman a friendly smile, or cower into a ‘victim’ posture? Most people (including policemen) will happily (and unwittingly) oblige us by responding to our expectations. Thus, we create our reality.

It is much more complex than this, of course, but this is the bare structure of what happens. To see a challenging Pluto-Moon aspect in a birth chart, is to see inside that client’s mind and pre-programmed expectations, not his Mother’s character!

And when you understand your own subconscious mind, you can use Mindfulness to avert a past-life habitual replay. Throughout life, we all recreate our own Pasts (albeit symbolically) in 3-D, so we can consciously respond to the scenarios to resolve the issues.

Having a new perspective adds another dimension to your birth chart:
These same challenging frequencies can be utilised in an entirely new way that supports, rather than undermines, your Purpose!


This is a big subject, and will be fully explained in my book series (and also principally during private consultations), as we can’t live Exceptional lives if we don’t understand how we create our personal world.


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