The Yogacara Professional
Astrology Course


Even more comprehensive than the
diving deeper into astrology & its links to
Yogacara Buddhist psychology
and the brain,
links that Kerrie Redgate has discovered
through her decades of research.

This course is a meticulous
investigation of ‘mind’.

If you are interested in becoming
a professional astrologer
or want to work with astrology
on a professional basis,
assisting people to fulfill their purpose
or find deeper healing,
this course provides the superlative tool

Yogacara Astrology employs
a personally relevant interpretation,
combining both the pragmatic and
higher spiritual (‘super-conscious’)
levels of your own mind

As with the Living With Exceptional Purpose course, this will be an online course, with an option to attend a separate in-house course in Brisbane Australia.

The full extent of this course demands a serious commitment to yourself.  This course is for you, as well as enabling you to help others in extraordinary ways.

The Yogacara Astrology Course you will give you a good foundation in a higher and unique form of astrology that can be of great value to yourself and others. It will give you a new perspective on human nature and spiritual consciousness, with a deeper understanding of life’s intricacies.

There will be optional modules to follow, adding more of the vocabulary of this system of Astrology in the form of thousands of asteroids. 

There will be plenty of support material for you such as epub ebooks and interactive Apple Books for iPad, which will get you started and which can continue to be useful during your first years of practice.

For far too long, genuine astrology has been regarded as an ‘occult science’, known only to a privileged few.

I believe it is now time to ‘re-brand’ this fabulous language of consciousness, which I have updated for the 21st century, so that it may be available to everyone.

What Are the Differences Between Kerrie Redgate’s Two Courses?

  • If you are mainly looking for something to advance your knowledge of yourself and help you find your highest purpose, so you can offer the greatest benefit to others, the Living With Exceptional Purpose course will be perfect for you.
  • If you are interested in learning as much as possible about astrology and may be interested in using astrology professionally in any capacity, this Yogacara Professional Astrology course will offer you a more expansive view of astrology and mind. On your successful completion of this course, you will also receive accreditation from me, Kerrie Redgate, regarding your proficiency in this unique system.

More specific details about the Yogacara Professional Astrology Course will be added here a little later.

Regardless of where you live, if you are interested in this course, please subscribe to my free Exceptional Purpose Resource e-newsletter so you can easily keep in touch with the course’s starting dates and online availability, as well as my 2020 book series publication dates (and early discounts).

Plus you’ll be able to immediately download two of my Exceptional Purpose Resource Guides, with the third (on Website building resources) becoming available in early 2020.

And you can also grab a PDF of my 2008 Insight Magazine article ‘Cult or Consciousness: A Global Ultimatum’ (this is a huge problem, especially in the USA right now, and spreading everywhere), explaining both the previous astrological global paradigm (from 1995) and this current one which began in early 2008. It helps to make sense of the current Cult of Trump we are now suffering, and why Ethics is the new buzz-word, along with Responsibility and Authority!

You can attend this course as a full stand-alone course, or complete it after the Living With Exceptional Purpose course, at a greatly discounted fee.

You will also be learning a great deal about yourself through both of these courses.

My dream is to have a team of connected people
around the world doing this work, assisting others
to discover & offer their highest purpose.

We CAN change the world, one person at a time!

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