Your Second Yogacara Astrology Session
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Your view of yourself
will either enhance your success in life
or stifle it

We habitually see ourselves as we have been in the past—either from this life or a deeper past.

It is vital that you step into a new model of yourself—into your own potential—based on the astrological frequencies you had chosen to be born under, which are resonating in your brain’s neural net. You can express these frequency energies at various levels, from the mundane to the spiritually enhanced.

You have CHOICE.

The same knife can be used
— to harm —
— to prepare a meal —
— to carve a wooden Buddha —



Your own view of your capabilities—from the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—may be holding you back. Yet, there is a higher vision that is attuned to your spiritual consciousness. The role of the astrologer in the 21st century should be to help you see that vision and fulfill it in this lifetime.

I developed the system of Yogacara Astrology to reveal your potential. The Zoom-In session is an extension to the information we have already discussed in your BigView session. It is a further integration.

It’s time now to refine your capabilities. Your personal tool kit is within you.

Your Zoom-In session(s) may involve such features as:

  • evaluating and adjusting your inherent mental aptitude for a Success Mindset
  • Checking in on your inherent values
  • exploring the ways you can manage your emotional habituations
  • working through the essential source of any power issues
  • evaluating your decision-making processes (for enhancements and advantages)
  • assessing your communication / learning style
  • your relationship dynamics
  • tapping your bodhisattva qualities via my exclusive research (correlating Buddhist spiritual philosophy to the astrology chart)
  • also a chance to integrate & clarify anything from your BigView session

Living with Exceptional Purpose naturally requires
Mastery of these personal enhancements
through practical spiritual development
to assist you to become Exceptional

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