Your Second Yogacara Astrology Session
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Your view of yourself
will either enhance your success in life
or stifle it

We habitually see ourselves as we have been in the past—either from this lifetime or a deeper past.

So now that we’ve elaborated on the Outer You in the World via your BigView session, we have the context for refining the Inner You.

It’s now time to explore
your ‘personal planets‘,
and from the point of view of
your spirit, not your ego!

(Again, no text-book definitions here,
this is Yogacara Astrology.)

It’s vital that you step into a new model of yourself—into your own potential—based on the astrological frequencies you had chosen to be born under, which are resonating in your brain’s neural net. This is about empowerment

You can express these frequencies at various levels from the habitual (what most Western astrology focuses on) to the spiritually enhanced.


The same knife can be used
— to harm —
— to prepare a meal —
— to carve a wooden Buddha —



Your own view of your capabilities—from the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—may be holding you back. Yet, there is a higher vision of You that is attuned to your spiritual consciousness.

The role of the astrologer in the 21st century
should be to help you see that vision and fulfill it in this lifetime.

I developed the system of Yogacara Astrology to reveal your spiritual potential, both inner and outer. The Zoom-In session is an extension to the information we have already discussed in your BigView session. It’s a further integration with finer, more personal, details.

It’s time now to refine your capabilities.
Your personal tool kit is within you.

The Structure for Your First Zoom-In Session

This session will examine the habitual traits you may not be aware of, that have been driving various parts of your brain and hijacking your spiritual consciousness.

We can visit your deepest unconscious survival mechanisms, through to the emotional habituations relating to your experiences from previous lifetimes, all the way through to your conscious reactions in the world, which have been shaping your identity, and sense of self.

Each of the planets in our solar system
resonate with a different area of
your brain and consciousness.

During the past 3 decades, I’ve been able to connect these planetary frequencies to the karmic influences in your mind-stream, so that mind and brain can both be transformed through the awareness of the source of these unconscious processes.

This builds on the work we’ve already done
in your BigView session

The end result is that you’ll have the conscious opportunity to develop these frequencies in more appropriate and beneficial ways, to enhance both your personal and professional life, and to connect you more profoundly with your inherent spiritual consciousness. 

Through this first Zoom-In session,
we’ll be tracing the various levels of your mind,
integrating the work from your Big View session,
to finally arrive at the gold of your Heart

A Further Zoom-In Session 

When you’re ready for the next spiritual leap 

This single session elaborates on your inherent bodhisattva qualities. The bodhisattva is the ‘courageous awakened being’ who lives consciously for the benefit of others, being useful in the world. It’s a matter of life-focus: you can choose to live self-centredly (and this can be very subtle!) or compassionately.

I’ve spent decades researching the 6 Buddhist Virtues of the Bodhisattva (beyond the Buddhist 8-Fold Path), in the astrology chart. The keys are there to  help you develop your compassion, wisdom, and inner work for your higher spiritual mastery and conscious living.

Siddhartha Gautama, the man we call The Buddha (the ‘awakened one’), revealed these higher virtues (eloquently elaborated centuries later by the scholar-monk, Shantideva) as necessary to help us overcome the final traces of ego-consciousness, to develop our responsibility and effectiveness in the world. 

The astrological counterparts for these higher virtues have been a significant part of my research since the late 1980s. And I’ve found they are the foil for the subtle sabotage you can create, which I’ve uncovered for you in your BigView session. Siddhartha was a genius of human psychology!

This session is also especially useful if you are interested in Buddhist pycho-philosophy, though this is not necessary for developing these higher universal virtues in your life.  

Zoom-In Sessions May Involve:


  • evaluating and adjusting your inherent mental aptitude for a Success Mindset
  • checking in again on your inherent values as they relate to your current or future work
  • exploring more ways to manage your emotional habituations
  • working through any lingering power issues
  • evaluating your decision-making processes (for enhancements and advantages)
  • assessing your communication / learning style
  • more on your relationship dynamics
  • a chance to integrate & clarify anything from your BigView session


Just need a little more immediate guidance and clarity based on the work we’ve already done with your birth-chart?

See the Progress Sessions page: the Progress sessions can be of minimum 15 minutes, where no extra asteroid research is needed, meaning there is no Research fee (which is necessarily required for a Zoom-In session). 

And It Doesn’t Stop Here

Check out my other services, such as

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and also
for personalised flower essence formulas
to retrain your mind and brain to
assist with a sabotage-free expression
of your Exceptional Purpose

Living with Exceptional Purpose naturally requires
Mastery of these personal enhancements
through practical spiritual development
to assist you to become Exceptional

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