"I design exceptional careers & sleuth-out subtle self-sabotage" — Kerrie Redgate (since 1986)

Living with Purpose is a life
not wasted
. . .
But living with
Exceptional Purpose
is a life fulfilled

Kerrie Redgate

“ Each time I have visited for a session, four times now,
Kerrie has empowered me to reach for higher potentials.
I would leave her presence after these sessions
brimming over with delight, understanding and motivation.”

— Grace Vaughan (Australia)

If you are serious about

ORCHESTRATING your own life-changes;
LIVING your highest career expression;
ELIMINATING anxiety/subtle self-sabotage;
BRINGING positive change to our world,

PLEASE read on.

If not, hit the back-button—QUICK !

For far too long,
genuine astrology has been
regarded as an ‘occult science’ known
only to a privileged few.
I believe it is now
time to ‘rebrand’ this superb
language of consciousness,
— a Mind-Brain interface
I’ve been clinically refining
for the past 30 years.
This new system uncovers
your intrinsic motivation for living,
describes your Exceptional Life Purpose,
exposes the source of any deep self-sabotage,
connects you to your inherent Compassion,
gives any career a humanitarian focus,
and can also be of value to . . .

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Best Fit For You?

As Kerrie Redgate is a specialist, it’s a good idea to check whether her work is right for you. Are you ready to leap?
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Designing Purpose

A new paradigm for Astrology: Finding your highest career expression; Uncovering subtle self-sabotage; Activating your Spirit
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Consultations: In-House or Online

Personal & comprehensive. Your life is unique and you deserve to be treated that way. (No text-book analysis here!)
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Why Asteroids in Astrology?

Asteroids are the body-text of your chart, from a list of more than 19,000! They reveal astonishing details that planets alone cannot provide
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Course: ‘Living With Exceptional Purpose’

Recognising your inherent talents, career options, living through your spirit, & ‘being in the flow’ before major world trends
Kerrie Redgate's Desk
When is it Time to Call an Astrologer?

Apart from career direction, we all experience timed ‘growth spurts’ which a skilled astrologer can explain
Kerrie Redgate
Who is Kerrie Redgate?

Find out ‘who is’ this Kerrie Redgate; & what has she been up to, especially in the past 40 years (briefly!)
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Contact Kerrie

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