A unique 
Astrology system
where your
Career & Spiritual Evolution
are treated as 
Interdependent Components 
of Life

Design Your Career
forExceptional Purpose

Design Your Career
Exceptional Purpose

with Kerrie Redgate

 A unique 
Astrology system
where your
Career & Spiritual Evolution
are treated as 
Interdependent Components 
of Life

Living with Purpose is a Life Not Wasted

But Living with Exceptional Purpose
Is a Life Fulfilled

— Kerrie Redgate   (from a forthcoming book &
‘Your Exceptional Purpose | Astrology’ podcast)

Kerrie Redgate | Exceptional Purpose specialist

From Teens to Seasoned Professionals:
all Sessions with Kerrie are live on Skype
— from a safe & global distance‘ !

What’s holding you back from
Finding, Living, Refining
your Highest Purpose?

  1. Do you lack confidence in your own ideas and dreams?
  2. Or have you never really tried to fit your dreams into a bigger view of your life?
  3. Or is your own psyche running a subtle self-sabotage program?

    — Is this causing things to go wrong, or creating confusion as to what your actual Life Purpose or Unique Talents could be?
    — This incredibly insidious sabotage can also trigger unconscious anxiety, and eventually even physical illness (also a decades-long focus of my research).

Let’s look at these more closely

    1. Lack of confidence in your ideas and dreams is actually a morbid focus on self and self-preservation, and can be overcome through the development of compassion and generosity of spirit
    2. Making space for a new life with a greater vision is more a matter of time-discipline and strategy. And of course, this depends on having confidence in your ideas. (See point 1!)
    3. Finding the SOURCE of a subtle self-sabotage program, and how it works, is vital. This involves awareness of your own deepest psyche, and appreciating how this subtle pattern can be useful when consciously turned around.

    … Hint: My specialised Yogacara Astrology Sessions are designed to help with all of these!

    What is Subtle Self-Sabotage?

    That last #3 Point, above, is my Specialty.

    I spent many years brain-storming, and working with clients in six-hour to ten-hour sessions, gathering the many pieces of the sabotage-jigsaw-puzzle, trying to find the source of the picture the pieces were making.

    … And eventually I found it!

    I had deduced, back in the late 1980s, that a controversial piece of our solar system (largely ignored by both astrologers and astronomers) was in resonance with the source of the sabotaging problem, but I didn’t then know exactly why.

    The answer evolved in stages over many years, and also involved the help of other therapists such as specialist kinesiologists and gifted spiritual mediums, as well as incremental updates in the software I was using for my asteroid research (with special thanks to Albert Timashev in Russia for my initial investigations via his Phaethon asteroid software, and more recently to David Cochrane of Cosmic Patterns Software in the USA).

    And of course, the invaluable feedback from my clients and students was a vital aspect of this research.

    One of the books in the series I’m currently completing (due for publication in 2021) will elaborate on this entire process, and will also include precise astrological detail for those who require it. It’s a complex subject and necessarily requires an entire book. Though, this will be covered in my Yogacara Professional Astrology Course.

    My Yogacara Astrology sessions can pinpoint your inherent purpose, as well as uncover the source of any subtle sabotage lurking in your brain, through a comprehensive birthchart analysis. 

    So, what are the Benefits
    from actually living
    Your Exceptional Purpose ?

    1. Being on-target with your essential Life-Purpose initiates your Plan, which always involves unexpected opportunities. Challenges will always be there, as usual, but the solutions will often seem miraculous
    2. You’ll be living through your Heart and spiritual consciousness, which is the basis of the immune system—living consciously keeps you healthier!
    3. You’ll be contributing to the upliftment of the human condition (and if you’re still reading this, you are someone who has that potential)
    4. You’ll have a greater chance for success, as it’s your own originally chosen destiny: you won’t be pushing up-hill, trying to accomplish something your psyche was never equipped to do.
    5. You’ll be happier and inspired by your work, and this leads to happier relationships!

    “A thousand thank-you’s for your readings.
    Since then, I am flourishing and my lost Purpose is developing in many, many new facets. It is amazzzzin’.“

    Inka Martí

    Publisher, Imaginal Artist, Installation Artist, Spain

    “Kerrie allows you to access the understanding of
    who your soul chose to be in this life — this knowledge is priceless.
    I would recommend anyone with a big path, to see Kerrie for that guidance.”

    April Crawford-Smith

    Project Manager, The Valley Centre | Australia

    Your entire brain was ‘wired’
    for a specific life-purpose at birth,
    being the reason you decided to
    incarnate in the first place

    This is why your particular
    Purpose & Talents can be found
    in your Astrology Chart :
    a ‘screenshot’ of that moment


    “Kerrie allows you to access the understanding of who your soul chose to be in this life — this knowledge is priceless. 

    I would recommend anyone with a big path, to see Kerrie for that guidance.”

    April Crawford-Smith

    Project Manager, The Valley Centre | Australia

    Yogacara Psychology
    elaborates upon your 8 types of mind
    and how they habitually
    create your own reality

    Yogacara Astrology
    places these within a new context
    to help you achieve your
    Exceptional Purpose

    Here’s the secret :

    Your own potential in life
    far exceeds your own expectations !

    Whether facing the wall of
    unconscious anxiety, or of
    seemingly-external obstacles,
    you can’t afford to allow yourself
    to slip back into the old, safe
    paradigm of The Familiar,
    as wrapped inside any 
    insidious fear or terror
    is your actual Gift,
    struggling to
    burst through

    and here’s the good news :

    The greater your inner resistance in this struggle,
    the closer you are to a breakthrough
    . . .

    Only your uniquely filtered perception
    stands in your way !


    is to uncover your highest potentials
    for mastery in this life

    “I am blown away by your vast knowledge, Kerrie!! I have no idea how you store all this information and understand how it all links in together — you truly amaze and inspire me with your brilliance in this area. I feel very fortunate to have worked with you.”

    S. H.


    During the past four decades, I’ve been able to develop an advanced system of Western Astrology to do this—with fresh and uplifting interpretations for our 21st century lives.

    I actually reverse-engineer your chart to discover your original purpose for incarnating; and I have discovered how to uniquely interpret the nuances from a selection of thousands of asteroids as the body-text—the fine details—of your birth chart, including the echoes of past-life influences. The asteroids never lie!


    Your Astrology Chart is a
    MAP   of your mind-brain interface in
    RESONANCE   with our Solar System’s
       through the
      of the Earth’s Electromagnetic Field

    Your Astrology
    chart is a


    of your mind-brain
    interface in


    with our
    Solar System’s


    through the


    of the Earth’s
    Electromagnetic Field



    is to gain deeper insights
    into your complex levels of mind,
    to guide the reversal of old patterns that
    no longer serve your Purpose

    The advanced 4th-century system of BUDDHIST YOGACARA PSYCHOLOGY — The Yogacara Doctrine of Mind — is superbly successful for this purpose, and still highly relevant today!

    I was astonished to find that Yogacara dovetails perfectly with my interpretation of astrology, which has been based on three decades of intensive work with clients, and is of course why I chose the term Yogacara Astrology for this system.

    And to further Enhance Your Success,
    I also offer:

    • Progress Sessions
      when you need a quick boost or immediate guidance, from 15 minutes to 2 hours (after you’ve had at least the BigView Session — see the Progress Sessions page on this site). 15-minute and 30-minute Progress sessions are now available in the evenings (AEST) 
    • Personalised Flower Essence formulas
      to speed the process when utilised consistently over time, the length of which depends on your own inner resistance: BodhimindEssences.com
    • Web design
      to help you with a sabotage-free cyber home for your exceptional purpose: RedgateSpace.com Web Design (currently redirects to my KerrieRedgate.com Portfolio Site)
    • Your Exceptional Purpose | Astrology podcast
      Astrological and Spiritual themes for living an exceptional life of Purpose
    • An integrated book series
      based on my 34-years of research, the first few volumes due for publication in 2021, with more trilogy sets in the series to follow. See the Book Series page on my newest website: KerrieRedgateAuthor.com (additional pages for each book, individually, will appear soon)
    • Comprehensive Astrology Courses based on my research.
      Online in 2021. Bringing your own chart’s potential to life for you in a profound way, offering you an extraordinary skill to use in your life and business.
    • The ExceptionalPurpose Resource newsletterblog
      especially for clients, students, and subscribers, containing my various posts and downloads that may be useful to you for your purpose.
    • Reiki (Spiritual) Empowerments
      (from the Buddhist perspective), for those who are so inclined — the icing on the cake for opening to compassion, to your natural intuition, and your innate healing ability: Reiki Courses for Your Exceptional Purpose. Both as private 1-to-1 classes and small groups up to 7 students [groups postponed until our ‘social distancing’ measures are completely over in Australia]

    “Kerrie, I thank you from my heart for our session. Considering that for months now I have been thinking about my path ahead and how I can puzzle everything together that I have gathered so far in my life.

    Listening to you and the in-depth reading you gave me brought me clarity and many ahah moments that I chose to ignore in the past. It was like you spoke to my soul directly of all the things that I secretly had sitting inside of me but misplaced because I thought maybe they were not valuable or real.

    You showed me where my attention needs to go to achieve what I set out to do. I love your forward thinking approach and believe you are here to achieve amazing heights. Thanks again for all your wisdom and depth of experience.”

    Franziska Stahmann

    The Inspired You Mentor, franziskastahmann.com, Australia

    The world changed
    in 2008
    And we’re still ‘in it’

    From January 26 2008
    the entire world began a new
    16-year astrological paradigm



    Obvious political results aside, this new paradigm has necessarily evolved into the era of the solopreneur & small business startup — and this shift will continue into the next paradigm, from 2023, where specialist freelancing will also be widespread, rather than lower-paid steady employment.

    This means that if you are to thrive, now and in the future, this current era actually demands that you find and express your inherent Purpose, to become an ethical, trusted authority in your niche, even if you work within a company or organisation.
    … It’s your perceived value that is the key.

    You have a precious human life.
    Fabulous opportunity !
    It can be easily wasted as time slips away,
    that’s the flip side
    . . .

    Better to have a plan !
    Your life’s adventure can now be

    And this is my final point here :

    The worst thing you can do
    to the world
    is not have Faith in Yourself

    From a forthcoming book,
    The Insidious Saboteur in Your Psyche
    by Kerrie Redgate

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