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Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions

Yes, we have to have one of these pages, so we both know where we are, regarding my work for you.

PLEASE NOTE: You can also find a copy of this Policy and T&C information in the downloadable Starter-Kit for my sessions on the Before You Book page of this site.

Privacy Policy

Updated December 2 2016 AEST
Your right to privacy is respected

Like you, I care about protecting my privacy both online and offline. So here is what you can expect from me and this site:

Obviously, I do not sell your data. I am not a ‘data harvester’.
I don’t spam you.
And any information gathered about you on or via this site (including your name, contact details, and birth details) is never sold or deliberately shared with any other parties, except in the secure processing of that data as necessary in fulfilling my work for you (unless expressly requested to do so by you—example: for cross-referencing with other therapists or counsellors), as below:

  • My Booking Forms and Email Forms are hosted off-site and processed digitally by You can view their own Privacy Policy on their site. The forms are encrypted and coded by Typeform, and I have had very good customer service from them. They are fast gathering a great reputation among long-standing companies and organisations world-wide.
  • I offer secure online credit/debit card processing on this site via Stripe on their server. Stripe is internationally recognised as the new industry standard in online payment gateways, trusted throughout all financial levels of the business world. I never see your card details. Even though card processing does not actually take place on this server here, I have added security encryption for this entire site (see the https and lock icon in the address bar for all pages here).
  • My Living With Exceptional Purpose (previously Bodhimind News) subscriber forms are handled off-site digitally by the good people at MailChimp. MailChimp take spam protection enormously seriously and I have been given guidelines from them so as to help protect their reputation. You can read their own Privacy Policy. They have the Truste Privacy Seal on their site, and are highly regarded by the online community of the world.
  • Your digital mp3 audio session file(s) is uploaded to my private Google Drive or my Dropbox account, and you only are emailed a private link to that file for downloading to your own device. Your audio file is removed from my Google Drive or Dropbox when I receive news from you that you have successfully downloaded it.

All Consultations (discussions and written material) are strictly confidential. And that goes for both sides: if I share anything personal with you during our session that may be pertinent to you, I expect you to also honour my own privacy.

Sessions over one hour are digitally recorded for you as mp3 files, and it is your own responsibility to keep that file secure. I keep a digital mp3 copy of your audio session(s) only on a separate external drive, and for a limited time, for reference for further work for you during your sessions. (While this mp3 file is still available, it can be resent to you at no charge should you lose your copy. But I can’t keep them forever due to their size and the expense of storage devices.)

Social Media

By the way, this confidentiality also means that if you would like to connect with me on social media, you will have to make the first move, as I will not imply online that we have connected, without your permission. You can find me via the social buttons in the footer on this site. Hope to see you there!


If you have given me a public Testimonial at any time regarding my work, and which appears on my sites(s), please contact me directly if you would like it altered or deleted, and I will do that for you asap. You are also welcome to send me an entirely new testimonial(s), including video testimonials (which will also be uploaded to YouTube) and audio testimonials for any of my services that you have experienced. And if published on my site, I will happily include a link to your business/organisation website along with your name. (Obviously, all Testimonials must be genuine!)

Terms & Conditions:

Updated July 4 2017 AEST

(Sorry: I’m referring to myself in the 3rd Person, for the legal terminology.
‘Kerrie’ refers to Kerrie Redgate, the person who’s services you will be engaging for the astrology sessions and astrology courses described on this site;
‘birth data’ refers to your birth date, birth place, and birth time)

  1. If incorrect birth data has been given to Kerrie (evident in your Booking Form), Kerrie cannot take any responsibility. Please make sure your correct birth data has been entered into the Booking Form. This is your responsibility. (See the next two points for details.)
  2. If incorrect birth data has been given to Kerrie and is discovered after the session has been completed (apart from very minor minute-increments of the birth time), no refund for your session is possible, and you may have to pay the full session fee again for Kerrie to research your chart with the new data and to do a completely new session for you, if you wish to proceed with a new session.
  3. If incorrect birth data has been given to Kerrie and is discovered at the start of your session, causing the session to be terminated at that point, you will forfeit your 50% Deposit only (rather than paying the full session fee) on the condition that we reschedule and commit to another session for which you will then need to pay the full fee. If you do not wish to reschedule, the balance on the full fee will need to be paid.
  4. If Kerrie has made an error inputting your birth data to create your chart, Kerrie will take full responsibility for this and will reschedule a session for you and will compensate you by giving you extra time (approximately an hour) during the session, with only the normal balance to be paid at the end of your session. Your Booking Form protects you in this instance as there is a record of your own data input.
  5. The 50% Deposit (of the full fee) will not be refunded for cancellations made within 3 days of the appointment date. Though, for emergency cases, Kerrie is open to negotiating a new appointment date without you forfeiting your deposit.
  6. While Kerrie recommends other therapists in good faith, including kinesiologists for birth time checks, Kerrie cannot be held responsible for their results.
  7. The information offered to you through Kerrie’s private sessions and courses is to be considered advisory and not predictive, as it is still your responsibility to do the work to fulfill your own potential. Kerrie is only a guide in this process.
  8. If you have any problems with Kerrie’s services, please contact Kerrie privately and directly so the problem can be rectified for you to the best of Kerrie’s abilities. These sessions and courses are for your benefit, and Kerrie’s aim is to be of the highest service to you.

So, let’s get it right, at the beginning!

Thank you, I greatly appreciate your trust!
Kerrie Redgate

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