Your Initial Yogacara Astrology Session

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This initial session reveals your conceptual level of mind
as the BASIS for the other sessions, and typically reveals:

  • your master plan
  • your outer life-purpose
  • specific self-sabotage areas and initial causes (pastlife references)
  • the basic developmental challenges you’ve set for yourself
  • your inherent talents (which fit into your life-purpose)
  • your pertinent past-life imprints (both the useful and the harmful)
  • the outer you in the world (the InnerView session is the inner you)

What Is Self-Sabotage ?

What we are talking about here are the very deepest layers of mind.

My own clinical research has shown that this type of sabotage is not triggering from the instinctive primitive ‘reptilian’ brain at the base of the skull, but from the highest executive functions of the newest brain in the prefrontal cortex where our conscious decisions take place.

For over 30 years I have been tracking these bizarre effects within my clients (and also within myself, of course!) to discern and define this mysterious process.

This type of self-sabotage can be very subtle, but can have long-ranging effects, far from the obvious — even causing physical health problems. 

To comprehend the ultimate source of this subtle self-sabotage and how it affects careers and life purpose generally, it was vital for me to reach down into the deepest causes, which meant researching the continuation of consciousness — its compounded movement from one lifetime to the next.

The rebirth of the mindstream (not the personality!) is not a religious notion, it’s a simple fact of life. It’s just the way consciousness works, as consciousness never dies—it is the basis of everything. Reincarnation happens regardless of our beliefs. Though various religions, throughout the history of humanity, have acknowledged the survival and transmigration of consciousness.

Kerrie Redgate 2006 Interview on Reincarnation

Most people who have asked me about reincarnation have started with the line,
“But shouldn’t we be focusing on this life, instead of our past lives?”

My answer is that this is the point: we are not living this life; we are subconsciously repeating the past, over and over. We all know we do this even with this lifetime’s circumstances and people.

We are habitual creatures because we secretly believe that repeating what we know keeps us safe. This is the basis of Western psychology, which can discover these patterns but is not equipped to see the deeper causes in the ancient mindstream.

There is a deeper past that is much more influential in your life, driving the habitual decisions and behaviours you may now be wanting to alter. This past was ‘hard-wired’ in your brain at birth, but can now be altered through conscious awareness, and a few good tools…

To know where you’re going now, it’s important to know where you’ve been. Repeating past security habits will not allow you to develop yourself, to live a new, more exciting, life.

My research into how reincarnation works, and how it affects the brain, will be fully explained in a book I’m planning to publish in 2024 (You Will Reincarnate: New Research into the Quirks of Consciousness with Ancient & Current Sciences). As the first volume in my Astrology & Mind Series, it will initially be free in the digital versions, and will also be available a little later in paper, and then in audio format. This will be a companion volume to my spiritual ‘reincarnation’ memoir,  In 5,000 Years: A Novel Truth.

In the meantime, Yogacara Astrology can help to expose both the tyranny and the usefulness of your inherent past experiences now buried deeply in your own brain circuitry.

Yogacara Astrology can elaborate on the contents of your subconscious mind as the ‘container’, as well as the spiritual attributes you are here to master. And when we tap into the asteroids for the finer details, your useful stories emerge: the deeper past is then transformed into…

fuel for your future!

This is enormously valuable
for stepping into a life of
Exceptional Purpose

What’s in the BigView Box?

  • Minimum 2 days of my prior research of your Personal Asteroids from a list of 24,785 (as of May 2024, and updated regularly, thanks to Mark Pottenger) — my personal asteroid research is a unique feature of these sessions
  • Up to 3 hours of our session time together live in a personal FaceTime video session (I no longer need to use Skype, unless you prefer to, but Skype/Microsoft do keep the file in their cloud for 30 days)
  • PLUS a personalised curated SUGGESTED RESOURCES PDF for you (normally within 24 hours following your session)
  • PLUS a scanned JPG copy of your Astrology Work Chart showing all the asteroid names I’d scribbled in
  • PLUS a digital copy of your BASIC astrology chart, so you can see the major pieces easily (computer-generated)
  • PLUS a PDF of your personal full set of 24,785 Named Asteroids (as of May 2024) calculated for your moment of birth, and in Zodiac order
  • PLUS encrypted MP3 downloads (as separate 1-hour files) of our private session recording

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