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Notes on the
Sessions Fees

  • Session fees include the necessary chart research before sessions (except for Progress sessions which are spontaneous conversations).
  • ‘BigView’ initial session: A Deposit (50% of session fee) is necessary several days before the session to secure your appointment. This is non-refundable within 3 days before the session, but is transferable if the session needs to be postponed more than one full day before appointment (see the Terms & Conditions on my Privacy page).
    … The Balance is due immediateIy after the session. But I recommend that you pay the balance anytime before the session rather than immediately after, so you can then relax with a cuppa to contemplate the new concepts, rather than dealing with left-brain processes (banking apps, etc.) which break the mood. (It’s your day!)
  • Zoom-In and StrategyTransits sessions fees are due in-full at least 2 days before the session date to secure your appointment.
  • A Discount of A$100 is now available if you decide to pay for all three sessions at once: The BigView, Zoom-In, and StrategyTransits sessions. You can book the dates for those at your leisure or book them right after payment—your choice.
    (See the Sessions page for quick details on each session, with links to the individual sessions’ pages, which you’ll also find in the Online Sessions menu tab).
  • Progress sessions can be booked and paid for in advance as regular sets or single sessions. (15- and 30-minute Progress sessions can also be booked for early evenings on weekdays only.) 
  • Need more details on the sessions? See the Sessions page HERE

Payment Options

  • All amounts are in Australian dollars (A$). (Lucky you if you’re in the EU or USA!) The currency converter on this page is intended to give you a reasonable idea of my fees in your currency. The final transaction may vary slightly.
  • Cards available are VISAMastercard, and American Express for Credit/Debit Payments
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay are now available for all purchases here via Stripe on your devices that are set up for those services.
  • International & Australian Credit and Debit Card payments are processed securely by Stripe via the payment buttons below.
    — Your payment details do not touch my server. (I never see your card details.) Stripe will instantly email you a confirmation receipt on my behalf. And I will also receive an email notification at the same time.
  • Australian bank transfer payments can be made via Osko / PayID on your banking institution’s website/app for an instant cash transfer.
    You only need my name and my mobile phone number in this format
    Kerrie Redgate

    No BSB, etc, required. And you should not have to be signed up for PayID to make a payment.
    Check with your Australian bank, building society, or credit union, as most had implemented PayID in 2018 (Citibank from May 25 2020)
    (Note, some institutions use Osko, by BPay, to service PayID, so it may be in that name.)
  • With Australian payments, if you really prefer using BECS via Stripe for direct cash transfers, rather than an Osko/PayID immediate transfer via your bank, you must make the BECS full payment at least 10 days before the session.
  • For a group of fees (example: astrology session + flower essences, or + web design… etc.), I can email an itemised invoice to you, containing a live Stripe payment button for the exact amount via your credit/debit card. (Easy!).
  • A Research Fee may be added for any extra specialised background investigation that you may request before any session. 
    You will always be informed in advance of any additional fees required.
  • Sessions under 1 hour (example: brief Progress Sessions by phone or Skype/FaceTime) are not recorded as audio files, but you are welcome to record them yourself on your own device app, where possible (note: Apple no longer allow FaceTime recording, due to their privacy protection policy).
    However, a 30-minute Focussed StrategyTransits session is recorded for you (Online: I use Skype only, as it is encrypted, offering greater privacy, and I use a separate app on my computer for recording). 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Paying with card via Stripe will automatically add you to my mailing list at MailChimp.com. For all other payment methods, I will manually subscribe you to keep you in the loop.
    … If you don’t want to receive my occasional newsletter, which also includes alerts and links to my latest podcast episodes (Your Exceptional Purpose | Astrology), online courses dates, book series publishing dates, and Resource blog posts, please let me know and I will unsubscribe you, manually, or you can easily Unsubscribe in the footer of my next newsleter.

Discount Option: Pay for all 3 Sessions at Once

Book the dates later at your leisure

Or proceed to individual Session Payment buttons …

Session 1: BigView

50% DEPOSIT REQUIRED  (at least 3 days before the session!)
Duration: 2 – 3 hours
(This session time can vary, as it’s important you understand these new concepts & the source of any subtle sabotage found in your chart)

A$450 (full fee)

Check the Currency Converter above↑

Pay In-Full A$450

Use this button to prepay for the BigView session in-full

50% Deposit A$225

IMPORTANT: The Deposit is non-refundable within 3 days before the session, but is transferable for postponements if you advise me  more than one full day before the appointment

Balance A$225

BALANCE is due immediately at the end of the session: whether an in- house or online session (though prior to the session is preferable) —I don’t offer accounts. Thank you! 

Need More Details? See the BigView Sessions page

Session 2 : Zoom-In


Zoom-In — A$390 : 2-hours session (includes prep)
Extra time can be added at the lower Progress Session rate

Shorter Updates — A$220: 1-hour single session (includes prep)

Check the Currency Converter above↑

Zoom In 2-hours

Zoom In Update
1-hour A$220

Like more details? Go to the Zoom-In Sessions page

StrategyTransits icon

Session 3 : StrategyTransits


Focused — A$140 : 30-minutes (focusing on a specific shorter-term or your specific dates for Transits & Strategies)

WideSpan — A$250 : 1½-hours (approximately 6 to 12 months of Transits & Strategies)

Check the Currency Converter above↑

Strategy 30-mins

shorter-term foused analysis


Strategy 1½-hours

6 to 12 months analysis


Hindsight for clarity, Foresight for opportunity—this is not ‘prediction’,
but personal cause-and-effect trends for new timed strategies via astrological influences, and based on your personal birth-chart to put you in charge (no text-book analysis!)
Available only after (at least) a prior ‘BigView’ Session

Wanting More Details? See the StrategyTransits Sessions page

Session 4+ : Progress


No prep or prior research — pricing is for session time only
Options — A$35 / 15-minute increments (duration: your choice)
(unless prior research is required, then it’s a Zoom-In Session as above)

  • Duration: up to 10 minutes No Charge (as in a brief phone call or quick email)
  • Duration: after 10 minutes, the 15-minutes rate begins,
    this incremental fee will be charged at A$35/15 minutes,
    (examples: A$70 for 30 minutes up to A$280 for 2 hours)
  • 15-minute and 30-minute Progress sessions can be booked for early evenings  Monday through Friday, Australian time AEST
  • Sessions booked for under 1 hour are not recorded 
  • If a Progress session is longer than 2 hours, I can send you an invoice via Stripe
    with a live blue payment button already set for the invoice total (unless you’re paying in Australia via Osko/PayID)
  • These payment buttons can also be used for any extra time requested in mid-session for Zoom-In and StrategyTransits sessions (paid at the end of the session

Check the Currency Converter above↑

Progress 15-mins


Progress 30-mins


Progress 45-mins


Progress 1-hour


Progress 1½-hours


Progress 2-hours


Need More Details? You’ll find them on the Progress Sessions page

icon for Z-Teen Sessions

ZTeen Purpose Session


Full Fee — A$160 : 1-hour Skype session (includes prep)
Extra time can be added at the lower Progress Session rate
Or further sessions can be booked as Progress Sessions (above)

  • Includes encrypted download of the MP3 private recording of the session
  • An external Flower Essence formula spray is recommended as an optional extra, based on the session. See my Bodhimind Essences site, and my specialized Z Teens Purpose formula base (linked in the A—Z page)

Check the Currency Converter above↑

No payment due until an appointment date has been set

Need More Details? See the Z-Teen Purpose Sessions page

Notes on Audios

  • Sessions under 1 hour are not recorded as audio files, but you are welcome to record them yourself on your own device app
  • It’s generally not possible to record phone calls on iOS devices, as per Apple’s privacy/security measures. But it is possible for you to record calls under my 1-hour limit via Skype calls on a Mac (see Call Recorder for Skype by Ecamm.com)

Interested in booking your first session?
Explore what’s behind this button first !

Personal Asteroid Lists

(pdf files for the astrologically savvy.)

The BigView astrology session now includes your personal zodiac asteroid list in pdf format emailed to you for free!
If you had already bought one previously, you’ll receive an updated list with your BigView session.

To purchase a list for yourself or your client work, please start with the order form on the Why Use Asteroids page 

Cameo section of an Asteroid List page

A Note on Alphabetical Lists

Alphabetical lists are not strictly necessary, as you can find asteroid names in the Zodiac listing by using the ‘Find‘ or ‘Search‘ tab in your PDF viewing app, such as Preview on a Mac (and the PDF file can be stored in the Apple Books app for easy access on all your Apple devices; or in the free Readdle Documents app on your iOS devices), or Adobe Reader in Windows. Remember to also try other language spellings and foreign words, or use the first few letters (you’ll be amazed at what is there!).



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Pay Here after you Send the above Order Form

Thank you!

You can check the Currency Converter above↑

Asteroid List— Zodiac A$25

Your personal list of 19,000+ asteroids in PDF format: in zodiac order, emailed to you

Asteroid List—Both Lists A$40

Your personal list of 19,000+ asteroid positions in 2 PDFs: zodiac AND alphabetical lists, emailed to you

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