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Notes on the Sessions Fees

Session fees include the necessary chart research before sessions (except for Progress sessions). 

A Deposit (50% of session fee) is necessary before the ‘BigView’ initial session.

Fees for the Zoom-In and StrategyTransits sessions are due in-full at least 2 days before the session date.

It can be beneficial for you (though not obligatory) to make a personal commitment by booking the dates of the first 3 sessions as a set, in advance, even if you pay as you go. (See the Sessions page for details).

Payment Options

  • All amounts are in Australian dollars (A$).
  • Apple Pay is now available for all purchases here via Stripe.
  • Cards available are VISA, Mastercard, and American Express for Credit/Debit Payments
  • International & Australian Credit and Debit Card payments can be made securely via Stripe with the payment buttons below. Your payment details do not touch my server, but are processed on the Stripe server. (I never see your card details.) Stripe will instantly email you a confirmation receipt on my behalf. And I will also receive an email notification at the same time.
    — Stripe is the new industry standard in on-line card payments. They also handles the payments for FaceBook, Amazon, UNICEF, Oxfam, RED, SalesForce, Shopify, Kickstarter, Slack, The Guardian, TED, Deliveroo, Uber, Lyft, Booking.com, Google, National Geographic, Pinterest, and bread vendors in Egypt—just to name a few of the millions of companies they service! Plus their personal customer service and care is excellent (even for littlies like me).
  • Australian bank transfer payments can be made via Osko / PayID on your banking institution’s website for an instant cash transfer. 
    You only need my name ‘Kerrie Redgate‘ and mobile phone number in this format: +61-431325577.
    No BSB, etc, required. And you should not have to be signed up for PayID to make a payment.
    Check with your Australian bank, building society, or credit union, as most had implemented PayID in 2018.
    (Note, some institutions use Osko, by BPay, to service PayID, so it may be in that name.)
  • For a group of fees (example: astrology session + flower essences, or + a Reiki course, or + web design… etc.),
    I can email an itemised invoice to you, containing a live Stripe payment button for the exact amount (same as the buttons below).
  • A 50% DEPOSIT of full fee is required for the initial BigView session — it is non-refundable within 3 days before the session, but is transferable if the session is postponed more than one full day before appointment (see the Terms & Conditions on my Privacy page).
  • The BALANCE is due immediately at the end of the BigView session
    — in-house credit card payments can be made on your phone/tablet, or via Kerrie’s internet devices, or paid in advance.
  • A Research Fee may be added for any specialised background investigation that you may request before any session.
    The fee will always be agreed upon before your session.
  • You will always be informed in advance of any additional fees required.
  • Sessions under 1 hour (example: brief Progress Sessions by phone or Skype/FaceTime) are not recorded as audio files, but you are welcome to record them yourself on your own device app, where possible (note: Apple no longer allow FaceTime recording, due to their privacy protection policy). However, a 30-minute Focussed StrategyTransits session is recorded for you (Online: Skype calls only; In-House: via an iPad app).

Need More Details? See the Sessions page HERE

2 Options: in-full or 2 payments

Session 1: BigView

50% DEPOSIT REQUIRED  (at least 3 days before the session!)

Duration: 2 – 2½ hours
A$420 (full fee)

PLUS a jpg copy of your Astrology Work Chart with the asteroid names I’d scribbled in
PLUS a PDF of the full set of over 19,000 asteroid positions at your birth, in Zodiac order
PLUS an MP3 download of your session recording

Pay In-Full A$420

Use this button ONLY if you prefer to prepay for the Big View session in-full

50% Deposit A$210

IMPORTANT: The Deposit is non-refundable within 3 days before the session, but is transferable if the session is postponed more than one full day before appointment

Balance A$210

BALANCE is due immediately at the end of the session: whether an in- house or online session—I don’t offer accounts. Thank you! 

Need More Details? See the BigView Sessions page HERE

Session 2 : Zoom-In


Zoom-In — A$390 : 2-hours session (includes prep)
Extra time can be added at the lower Progress Session rate

Shorter Updates — A$200: 1-hour single session (includes prep)

Zoom In 2-hours A$390

Zoom In 1-hr Update A$200

Like more details? Go to the Zoom-In Sessions page HERE

Session 3 : StrategyTransits


Focused — A$110 : 30-minutes (focusing on a specific shorter-term of Transits)
WideSpan — A$200 : 1 hour (approximately 6 to 12 months of Transits)

Strategy 30-mins

shorter-term foused analysis


Strategy 1-hour

6 to 12 months analysis


Strategy+ 1½-hours

up to 12 months analysis 
+ 30-mins Progress Session


Hindsight for clarity, Foresight for opportunity—this is not ‘prediction’,
but personal cause-and-effect trends from astrological influences,
and based on your birth-chart to put you in charge
Available only after (at least) a prior ‘BigView’ Session

Wanting More Details? See the StrategyTransit Sessions page HERE

Session 4+ : Progress


No prep or prior research — pricing is for session time only
Options — A$35 / 15-minute increments (duration: your choice)
(unless prior research is required, then it’s a Zoom-In Session as above)


  • Duration:  up to 10 minutes No Charge (as in a brief phone call or quick email)
  • Duration: after 10 minutes, the 15-minutes rate begins,
    this incremental fee will be charged at A$35/15 minutes,
    (examples: A$70 for 30 minutes or A$280 for 2 hours)
  • These payment buttons can also be used for any extra time requested in mid-session
    for Zoom-In and StrategyTransits sessions (paid at the end of the session)
  • If a Progress session is longer than 2 hours, I can send you an invoice via Stripe
    with the same type of live blue button

Progress 15-mins


Progress 30-mins


Progress 45-mins


Progress 1-hour


Progress 1½-hours


Progress 2-hours


Need More Details? You’ll find them on the Progress Sessions page

Notes on Audios

  • Sessions under 1 hour are not recorded as audio files, but you are welcome to record them yourself on your own device app
  • It’s generally not possible to record phone calls on iOS devices, as per Apple’s privacy/security measures. But it is possible to record Skype calls on a Mac (see Call Recorder for Skype by Ecamm.com)

If you’re interested in booking a session,
please explore what’s behind this button first !

Personal Asteroid Lists

(pdf files for the astrologically savvy.)

The BigView astrology session now includes your personal zodiac asteroid list in pdf format emailed to you for free!
If you had already bought one previously, you’ll receive an updated list with your BigView session.

To purchase a list, please start with the order form on the
Why Use Asteroids page 

Cameo section of an Asteroid List page

A Note on Alphabetical Lists

Alphabetical lists are not strictly necessary, as you can find asteroid names in the Zodiac listing by using the ‘Find‘ or ‘Search‘ tab in your PDF viewing app, such as Preview on a Mac (and the PDF file can be stored in the iBooks app for easy access on all your Apple devices), or Adobe Reader in Windows. Remember to also try other language spellings and foreign words, or use the first few letters (you’ll be amazed at what is there!).

Pay Here After Your list(s) is ready

(Kerrie will email you)

Asteroid List— Zodiac A$20

Your personal list of 19,000+ asteroids in PDF format: in zodiac order, emailed to you

Asteroid List—Both Lists A$35

Your personal list of 19,000+ asteroid positions in 2 PDFs: zodiac AND alphabetical lists, emailed to you

Ready to Book a BigView Session ?

Use this payment button after completing the Booking Form
on the Workshop page of this site.
The Form will bring you right back here afterwards. Thank you!

Astrology Intro

Brisbane Qld
Nov 24 2019

One-time Payment
A$140 for the day

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