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Payment Options For All Astrology Services

  • Online credit/debit card transactions via this page. I never see your card details as they do not touch this server but are processed directly on the Stripe server, even though this site is also encrypted for added security. Stripe is the new international standard in online payments.
    (Regretfully, I cannot accept Amex at this stage.)
  • Online Bank transfers: Real-time payments within Australia can now be made using PayID, only needing my name and my mobile phone number (in the following international format): Kerrie Redgate +61-431325577, instead of my BSB and account number, if your bank, building society, or credit union, already offers PayID. Payments occur within a minute (no delays!). And you also have 280 characters to describe the transaction so we both know who you are and what you are paying for.
    Otherwise, contact me directly for my bank account details.
  • Western Union international online money transfers (but check their fees):
    Contact Kerrie for details.
    Currency in Australian Dollars
    W. U. branch transfers by prior arrangement—again, check their fees!
  • Personal bank deposits at NAB branches in Australia (by prior arrangement, contact me directly for my account details)
  • Australian cash in person only
    (NO cash in mail, please!)


Note: Consultation fees include basic prior chart research time
A Deposit is only necessary before the first ‘Big View‘ session, unless arranged otherwise if more complex research sessions are requested later
It is beneficial for you (not obligatory) to make a personal commitment by booking the first three sessions as a set, in advance, even if you pay for them as you go.

(See the Consultations page for details).

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Session 1: Big View

Deposit Required


  • Duration: 2-2½ hours
    AUD$400 (full fee)
    (Use this button↑ ONLY if you prefer to prepay for the Big View session in full)

  • DEPOSIT 50% of full fee (please note: this percentage was raised to 50% on February 5 2018)
    (non-refundable within 3 days before the session, but is transferable if session is postponed more than one full day before appointment)

  • BALANCE is due immediately at the end of the session:
    in-house credit card payments can be made on your phone/tablet, or via Kerrie’s internet devices, or paid in advance:

Note: The Big View session now includes your personal pdf asteroid list emailed to you after the session at no extra cost.
Need More Details? See the Consultations page HERE

Fee includes Kerrie’s many hours of prior research for your personal asteroids from a list of more than 19,000 (updated regularly) — your personal asteroid research is a unique aspect of these sessions

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Session 2: Zoom In

NO Deposit Required


  • Duration: 1 hour (min)

  • Duration: 2 hours (max)

  • PLEASE NOTE: Payment is due immediately at the end of the session:
    Audio/Video sessions: please pay online immediately after the session;
    In-House sessions: cash is OK; or credit card payments can be made here on your phone/tablet, or via Kerrie’s internet devices, or paid in advance

Like more details? Go to the Consultations page HERE

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Session 3: Strategy Transits

NO Deposit Required


  • Duration: 30-minutes up to 6 month’s assessment:

  • Duration: 1 hour up to 12 months’ assessment:

  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes Strategy Transits with Progress Update:


Hindsight for clarity, Foresight for opportunity—this is not ‘prediction’, but personal cause-and-effect trends from astrological influences, and based on your birth-chart to put you in charge
Available only after (at least) a prior ‘Big View’ Session

Wanting More Details? See the Strategy Transit Sessions page HERE

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Sessions 4+: Progress Sessions

NO Deposit Required


  • Flexible Duration: Your choice—flat rate of AUD$35/15-minute increments, up to 2 hours (max AUD$280, unless further research is required)
  • Duration: up to 10 minutes No Charge (as in a phone call or quick email);
  • Duration: after 10 minutes, the 15-minutes rate begins, this incremental fee will be charged at AUD$35/15 minutes, eg: AUD$70 for over 15 minutes up to 30 minutes

For CARD PAYMENTS these session durations are available:

  • Progress Session — 15 minutes:

  • Progress Session — 30 minutes:

  • Progress Session — 45 minutes:

  • Progress Session — 1 hour:

  • Progress Session — 2 hours:

Need More Details? You’ll find them on the Progress Themes page of this site


A Research Fee may be added for extra background investigation
that may be requested before any session.
You will always be informed in advance of any additional fees required.
Sessions under 1 hour are not recorded as audio files,
but you are welcome to record them yourself on your own device app
Info Before You Book »

Astrology Courses


Living With Exceptional Purpose Course

  • A series of online plus in-house intensive modules over one year for Sydney and Singapore
  • Completely digital online course in the works!
  • Fees: Choice per Module or per year, to be announced here soon.


Yogacara Professional Astrology Course

  • For those who want to apply exceptional Astrological tools professionally
  • Eventually, there will be opportunities to join a worldwide team of Exceptional Purpose specialists
  • Fees: Choice per Module or per year, to be announced here soon


The Asteroid Course

Beginning 2019
  • For those who have studied at least one of the other above courses, or another qualified astrology course.
  • This will be an ongoing online series including ebook downloads
  • At present it is planned to be a ‘pay-as-you-go’ per Module structure. More on this later…
  • If you are ready for this course, please contact Kerrie directly

Fees will vary depending on the structure and platform for the courses. Contact Kerrie for details.
Only The Asteroid Course requires prior knowledge of astrology.

Personal Asteroid Lists

(pdf files for the astrologically savvy.)

Note: The Big View session now includes your personal pdf zodiac asteroid list for free!
If you had already bought one previously, you will receive an updated list with your Big View session.
New order form via this site soon!
Meanwhile, Contact Kerrie first to place orders

Sample page asteroid list

  • Your personal list of 19,000+ asteroid positions in zodiac (longitude) order
    (easy to find aspects to your planets); in a pdf file emailed to you

  • Your personal list of 19,000+ asteroid positions in 2 pdf files: zodiac AND alphabetical orders, emailed to you
    Note: Alphabetical lists are not strictly necessary, as you can find asteroid names anyway in the Zodiac listing by using the ‘Find’ button in your pdf viewing program, such as Preview on a Mac (and the PDF file can be stored in the iBooks app for easy access on all your Apple devices), or Adobe Reader in Windows. Remember to also try other language spellings and foreign words, or use the first few letters.
    AUD$35 (total)

  • The Members’ Forum site (for all Kerrie’s clients and students—past & present) will be free
  • For corporate fees for your employees or company, please contact Kerrie directly
  • Relationship Charts (Synastry & Composite) involving two or more people necessarily require a higher Background Research fee — you will always be informed in advance of any extra fees required. It is also highly beneficial for both individuals to have had a personal Big View session (at least) beforehand
  • Sessions under 1 hour are not recorded as audio files,
    but you are welcome to record them yourself on your own device (smartphone, tablet, etc)
Info Before You Book »