When is it Time

 to call an Astrologer?

The science of Astrology
has many branches and specialisations,
just as you find in Allopathic Medicine
and the Arts

The following relates to those of us who use Astrology to guide others toward
Recovery, Self-Awareness, and Life-Change

To completely heal any dissatisfaction or distress in your life,
it is vital to first diagnose the cause
(Buddha’s Second Noble Truth)
Awareness is Everything

Excellent times to call a skilled Astrologer
—for clarity, direction, and inspiration:

  • after loss;

  • unwelcome change;

  • spiritual awakening / questioning;

  • or a sudden yearning to find your unique value & purpose in the world

Due to the uniqueness of every astrology map, you have a personal timing that stimulates your growth spurts, and these can occur at any age, and in a variety of life circumstances.

Your own inner resistance to change, or your desire for change, can be understood at the deepest of levels through astrological analysis.

However, there are also common ages in life that produce a kick-start to major changes in our awareness as we grow. These processes are not mysterious, but relate rhythmically (and therefore predictably) to orbiting planetary cycles.

Astrology can be highly useful at these times for comprehending your immediate challenges; and also for direction in utilising these unsettling times wisely within the overall structure of your personal life’s Purpose.

Below are some other examples of useful times to check in with an astrologer

This list does not relate to actual birthdays,
but to the general year of age during which these common cycles occur
— The exact dates can be calculated from the precise movements of the planets
affecting your personal birth chart in real time.

  • At age 18/19:
    You are now faced with powerful karmic issues that can interfere with major decisions to be made around this life’s expression. Astrology can relieve the confusion and emotional stress, and can offer guidance for the way ahead so that the deeper past within the subconscious can be placed into perspective.
  • At age 28/29:
    You are challenged to take on more responsibility, to take charge of your life, to complete the karma of the past (especially if you have been slack in your 20s!), so you  can move ahead unhindered. This can be a vital time for career, even for total career change; and for others it may trigger the desire to begin a family. This timing sets the tone for at least the next decade.
  • At age 36-37:
    A powerful time to take advantage of career opportunities for success and expansion.
  • Around age 39 (currently):
    The sands beneath your feet can seem to shift! Astrology can elaborate on what has been necessary for you to release from your life, while you may still be crazily clinging. The flipside of this is a time of personal power and achievement if much work has been done. Always your choice!
  • At ages 41 and 43 (approximately):
    Two powerful midlife transits that can open you to spirituality, or cover your wisdom with gossamer veils. Many complex issues are dealt with at this time, including facing your aversions. (Men can find this particularly confusing if they begin to open spiritually for the first time, or have remarkable dreams.) A new reality can present itself as the right-brain clicks into gear. Astrology defines this clearly and shows you how to value this time of awakening.
  • At age 49/50:
    The culmination of all the previous experiences you have undergone. It points to your higher expression and can be a new beginning rather than a retirement! This is a major step up on the spiral of your spiritual awareness, and big for career innovation.
  • Around age 57/58:
    This timing completes the karma of the last 29 years, or amalgamates the lessons of your entire life if you have not been paying attention! It can be a time of public recognition and great success, but only if you have been dedicated and disciplined in regard to fulfilling your Purpose.
  • Any time when major world events, such as the Global Financial Crisis (also astrologically timed), are affecting your life significantly. Understanding the current astrological paradigm, and how you fit with it, can enhance your success both personally and professionally.

These timings, above, are simply general and typical times when people tend to engage astrologers for guidance.
It doesn’t stop at 58, though! And our need for clarity and guidance is not limited to these age cycles.

At any time when you are
asking deeper questions about your life,
the skilled astrologer can place your life events
into a larger perspective,
offering you wisdom for planning ahead
for career and personal goals.

. . . . . . . .

The astrologer should never make
your decisions for you,
but can act as a guide, assisting you to flow
with your Highest Purpose.

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