Is Kerrie’s Work
the Best Fit for You

are you ready to

Leap ?

This attitude requires dedication and compassion on your part.
In other words, you’re not simply ‘in it for the money’!
Though, there’s no reason why you can’t be paid what your unique skills are worth.
It’s more a matter of motivation and focus.

Through my analysis of the resonant influences ‘hard-wiring’ your brain at the time of your birth,
we can find your highest potential for this life — as a professional and as an aware human being.

Living at that level brings its own rewards,
as well as creating a perfect niche of your own

Every field of work can be approached in this way.
(However, if you are merely curious about basic astrology,
there are plenty of ‘text-book astrologers’ out there
who will happily oblige you.)

What Are the Benefits of a Session
with Kerrie Redgate?

The Yogacara Astrology system
I have developed
has a four-fold  benefit:

  1.  it defines your individual Life Purpose in terms that can be useful to you for the rest of your life: your career is NOT your Purpose—your career should FIT your Purpose!
  2. it exposes the past-life habitual mental patterns (subconscious concepts) that have been subtly influencing the events of your present lifetime, so they can be deliberately altered
  3. it ensures that the information given is relevant for your current use of the energies presented within the birth chart—which you have been refining throughout your life (again, no standard text-book definitions!)
  4. and most significantly, it gives you explicit permission to be the person you would love to become, and to perfect the work you would love to do — as this potential is reflected in your birth chart

Here’s an Analogy

Having an Exceptional Purpose session with me is a bit like buying a piece of furniture from IKEA:

  1. You have bought, let’s say, an IKEA flat-packed sofa.
    But its sealed box has been sitting in your garage for years. You haven’t been ready to tackle it.
  2. I open the box for you and take out the pieces, explain the instructions to you, and then show you a picture of what the assembled piece looks like and how you can effectively use it.
  3. But it is still up to you to build the piece, yourself!
  4. . . . You then wonder how you lived without that sofa for so long!

Living with an Exceptional Purpose requires
dedication, compassion, plus effort, patience

Kerrie’s Exclusive Research & Credentials:

  • Exclusive Research:
    Found the astonishing correlations between Yogacara Buddhist Psychology, Astrology, and the Brain
  • Exclusive Research:
    Utilising the current full set of Asteroids (24,000+) as the descriptive body-text of your chart
  • Exclusive Research:
    Solved the meaning of the astrological Eight Transneptunian/Uranian Points for higher spiritual evolution and your deepest issues for life-purpose
  • Exclusive Research:
    Discovered how to access your own specific Deeper Past (your Mindstream) that is influencing your present life
  • Experience:
    Focusing on Career Consulting with Astrology since 1986 (this is a small niche area for astrologers)
  • New Rationale:
    Transits are used for discerning Strategies (not predictions!) for your success, both professionally and personally, putting you in charge
  • Rich Independent Studies:
    In many fields, particularly Asian Philosophies, alternative and traditional healing, and of course 21st-century career/business options & resources
  • Important Emphasis:
    Career and Personal Spiritual Evolution are treated as interdependent components of life

More ideas from Kerrie Redgate :
Children and Consciousness‘ interview 
by Jane Hanckel (author, and founder of the
Foundation for Creative Intelligence—Spirit of Childhood)

Apologies ! — one slip of the tongue:
I was talking about gamma waves, not gamma rays
(which are much larger and in the cosmos, not the brain!
I’ve been researching both)—KR

Some Handy Things to Know:

FIRSTLY, it is important to appreciate that a single astrology session with any astrologer cannot encompass all the details of your entire chart, nor is it a fixed interpretation, but should be pertinent for the present stage of your evolution.

SECONDLY, various themes may need to be explored at different times, or information may need to be updated at a later time as you progress through your personal challenges and developmental awareness.

THIRDLY, each astrologer will have his/her own orientation to the energies presented in the birth chart. My focus is positive, inspiring and empowering. I do not focus at all on any negative personality traits.

AND LASTLY, there is nothing to be scared of. I am not going to suggest that something bad will happen on Tuesday, or that you should not get into a red car on Friday. That sort of thing went out a long time ago! Let’s put you in charge of your own life events . . .

My work is based in four decades+ of astrological study and research (plus independent studies in many related fields including Buddhist psycho-philosophy, Taoism, vibrational healing and many other healing arts). 

And three decades+ experience with clients; plus seven years of teaching my unique 2-year astrology courses, before I initially left Sydney to focus on writing and related studies.

Focusing on your negative traits only serves to reinforce them.
The Buddhist approach to psychology is to nurture your
positive potentials through mindfulness,
so that you may more fully empower
your inherent higher purpose
for the benefit of others.
Any harmful ego-traits
will then simply

The Yogacara personal Astrology sessions (a major part of my Exceptional Purpose Program, my umbrella program linking all my services) involve confidential dialogue, rather than a monologue of information, so that ideas can be thoroughly explored with your full participation.

I do not offer pre-recorded chart analyses that are not dialogue situations; even for small children, at least one parent or guardian is consulted in real time.

My Policy is that Laughter Heals Faster Than Drama
(So don’t panic — this is an uplifting experience!)


A general Word of Warning
in the Astrological Marketplace:

Please be wary of astrologers who simply type your birth data into a computer and shoot out pages and pages of computer-driven information about you. No computer can replace a genuine, sympathetic, professional astrologer who works with you directly.

Information must be synthesized and also interpreted for your level of awareness at the time. Your initial birth chart does not change, but your use of it certainly does.  Here’s another analogy:

A Bach sonata can be played on the same piano that years before only sounded with the single-fingered “Baa-Baa Black Sheep” from the same musician!

Same piano (same birthchart)—different awareness and skillful practice of its use!

Each session I do is unique in itself.
You receive in-depth information pertinent to you only.

. . . 

This is not standardised text-book stuff.
Every birth chart is as unique as every individual on this planet.

. . . Also, due to my ‘mature’ age and life-experience, as well as clinical experience,
I believe I may have gained a little wisdom along the way.
(At least I’m familiar with many of life’s pitfalls!)

I’m semi-retired now (writing!), but 
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