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It is time to embrace human diversity
( NO text-book analysis here! )

By having direct access to me and my expertise,
you can be assured that the information you receive is
relevant, useful, and comprehensible

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Structure: Why Three Sessions?

Structure always provides Support

The Three Sessions:

1. Big Picture
2. Zoom In
3. Strategy

The Advantages of Three Sessions
(optimally, within one month)
  1. Gives a good coverage of your full potentials and direction in stages, providing also a current strategy for the opportunities ahead after you’ve had time to assimilate your position
  2. One session as a foundation will inspire you; but, like a great workshop, will fade quickly if not followed-up with deeper information
  3. Prevents ‘information overload’: this is new material with a new approach to your life for your brain to assimilate
  4. Helps to prevent the ‘sabotage-voice’ swiftly taking hold again
  5. One month is a complete Moon cycle of your birth-chart, touching on all triggers of your subconscious mind
Most astrologers will give you an appraisal
of your chart in 1 or 2 hours,
because that is the limit of their knowledge

My investigations into consciousness have enriched my abilities to comprehend astrological influences more deeply

My first 3 sessions (5 hours total)
can be life-changing
. . . And we can still explore further!

And to further convince you:

In my younger days, I used to do 6-hour to 10-hour straight-through sessions. (Some even longer!) Yes, I did!

And, these days, I have a great deal of extra information I can impart to you from your birth chart, especially as my asteroid research (as the body-text of the chart) has grown exponentially, along with the number of asteroids that have been discovered, officially named, and made available for astrologers (I now have access to the currently full list of over 19,000 officially named asteroids for chart calculations, thanks to the good people at Cosmic Patterns Software).

However, I can no longer (mentally and physically) handle the marathon sessions. And everyone has less time available in any given day.

Plus, having a break between sessions gives me more opportunity to further research the field we have discussed for the expression of your life’s work at this present time: some professions and systems I may already know more about, and others may have developed beyond my current awareness. I’m always investigating.

My research in the space between the sessions may reveal more possibilities for you, to inspire you further; and if you also take advantage of that space to investigate the new possibilities we’d discussed in our first session, we can brainstorm together with your birth-chart as our guide-map.

And, so, for you to gain the maximum benefit from my exclusive research and decades of experience with this astonishing mind-map, my advice (though not obligatory) is that you commit to booking three sessions, beginning with 2—2½ hours, so that the information can be explored thoroughly in stages, giving you the chance for contemplation between each session.

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The Sessions Explained

The following is usually the most helpful structure
However, your immediate needs are the top priority.

Telescope icon

Session 1 : Big Picture

2 to 2½ hours—the value is in the information you need, not the time it takes

Typically covers:

  • your life-purpose
  • any self-sabotage areas
  • the basic issues and talents in the chart
  • and pertinent past-life influences

This Initial Session has a higher fee due to the comprehensive research of your most pertinent asteroids (from a selection of more than 19,000) in your chart, which is my necessary prep for you.
(Some asteroid investigation continues during the session and is directed by the session itself.)

Microscope icon

Session 2 : Zoom In

2 hours recommended—or split into 2 x 1-hour sessions (your choice)

Involves a deeper look at the more personal aspects of your uniqueness via your chart:

  • evaluating and adjusting your inherent mental aptitude for a Success Mindset
  • exploring the ways you can manage your emotional habituations
  • evaluating your decision-making processes (for enhancements and advantages)
  • assessing your communication/learning style
  • your relationship dynamics
  • also a chance to integrate & clarify anything from your Big Picture session

Living an Exceptional Purpose naturally requires these personal enhancements through practical spiritual development to assist you to become Exceptional.

Chess Castle icon

Session 3 : Strategy

30 minutes or 1 hour (your choice; useful to book a session every year)

Covers the current Transits for up to 12 months ahead, for developing a strategy to:

  • clarify upcoming challenges assessed through the work already done with your chart
  • take advantage of upcoming opportunities
  • flow with your own life-currents


See the Strategy Transit Sessions page on this site for more details.

notepad icon

Sessions 4+ : Progress Sessions

From 15 minutes to 2 hours (your choice)

For pep-talks or in-depth investigations to:

  • integrate and monitor progress
  • tackle the self-sabotage areas specifically
  • assess your current choices (including also documents and designs) to avoid sabotaging influences
  • elaborate on the higher virtues in the chart that can over-ride the subtle sabotaging tendencies.


See the Progress Themes page of this site for more information and theme suggestions.

Of course, if for any reason you decide you do not want to proceed with more sessions after the first one, that is perfectly OK (as long as I have received sufficient notice for any appointment dates that have been set). My work is for your benefit.

(You will find the pricing details on the Fees & Services page of this site)

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Two Modes for Consultations—Your Choice

The above 3-tier structure works for both
In-House and Online sessions

  • In-House Sessions
    Now in New Farm (2.5km from Brisbane CBD) Qld, Australia (and loving it!)
    Maximum 2½ hours per session; available within business hours and some weekends.
    Brisbane zone: 10am to 5:30pm
    (No Daylight Saving time at all in Qld)
    (see the clock time on the Contact page)
    (Please phone or email if you have special requirements.)
  • Internet Live Video/Voice Sessions
    (Skype or FaceTime)
    Maximum 2½ hours per session; available within business hours and some weekends, though scheduling appointment times can be flexible for overseas time-zones:
    —Your time zones in the Americas are best for evening sessions, your time
    —Your time zones in Europe & the African continent are best for early morning sessions, your time

My Policy is that Laughter Heals Faster Than Drama
(So don’t panic—this is an uplifting experience!)

Some Handy Things to Know:

Firstly, it is important to appreciate that a single astrology session with any astrologer cannot encompass all the details of your entire chart, nor is it a fixed interpretation, but should be pertinent for the present stage of your evolution.

Secondly, various themes may need to be explored at different times, or information may need to be updated at a later time as you progress through your personal challenges and developmental awareness.

Thirdly, each astrologer will have his/her own orientation to the energies presented in the birth chart. My focus is positive, inspiring and empowering. I do not focus at all on any negative personality traits.

And lastly, there is nothing to be scared of. I am not going to suggest that something bad will happen on Tuesday, or that you should not get into a red car on Friday. That sort of thing went out a long time ago! Let’s put you in charge of your own life events . . .

My work is based in four decades of astrological study and research (plus independent studies in many related fields including Buddhist psycho-philosophy, Taoism, vibrational healing and many other healing arts); and three decades‘ experience with clients; plus seven years of teaching my unique 2-year astrology courses, before I initially left Sydney to focus on writing and related studies.

Focusing on your negative traits only serves to reinforce them.
The Buddhist approach to psychology is to nurture your
positive potentials through mindfulness,
so that you may more fully empower
your inherent higher purpose
for the benefit of others.
Any harmful ego-traits
will then simply

My personal Astrology sessions (a major part of The Bodhimind Program—my umbrella program linking all my services), involve confidential dialogue, rather than a monologue of information, so that ideas can be thoroughly explored with your full participation. I do not offer pre-recorded chart analyses that are not dialogue situations; even for small children, at least one parent or guardian is consulted in real time.

Each session I do is unique in itself.
You receive in-depth information pertinent to you only.
This is not standardised text-book stuff.
Every birth chart is as unique as every individual on this planet.

Also, due to my ‘mature’ age and life-experience, as well as clinical experience, I believe I may have gained a little wisdom along the way. (At least I am familiar with many of life’s pitfalls!)

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That’s it!. . . Looking forward to hearing from you
and helping to make a difference to your world

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  • For more information on the entire Bodhimind Program, and my work and research:
    see my site.
  • You can read a brief anecdote, as an example, on my Bodhimind Flower Essences page about a few of the significant asteroids pertaining to flower essence therapy as they appear in my personal birth-chart.
  • There is a brief synopsis of my forthcoming book series, based on the gargantuan tome that I am presently slicing up, editing, and reworking into a number of smaller volumes (affordable ebooks will roll out first).


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