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Structure: Why 3 Sessions?



Your Three Main Sessions
plus the extra ‘anytime’ Progress Sessions

of the work we do together

Advantages of 3 Session Types

(the gap between is at your convenience)

  • Firstly, a one month span for your sessions is preferable (but not obligatory) to cover your entire chart dynamics, as one month is a complete Moon cycle of your birth-chart, touching on all triggers within your subtle subconscious mind — but it’s more important that you’ve had time to assimilate the previous session
  • Gives a comprehensive coverage of your full potentials and direction in practical stages that I’ve designed for you, providing also a current strategy for the opportunities ahead after you’ve had time to assimilate your position
  • Can also be more affordable for you as you get to choose when to book your next sessions, and you have the option to pay as you go.
  • One overview session as a foundation will inspire you; but, like a great workshop, will fade quickly if not followed-up with deeper, more personal, and actionable information
  • Prevents information overload: this is new material with a new approach to your life for your brain to assimilate. It takes time and process to shift habitual thinking
  • Helps prevent the sabotage-voice and ‘imposter-syndrome’ from swiftly taking hold again—by shining more light onto your higher subtle mind, reinforcing your ‘Buddha-nature’ which is always present beneath the surface

Most astrologers will give you an appraisal of your chart in up to 2 hours, because that is the limit of  classical astrological knowledge

Decades of my  investigations into consciousness have enriched my abilities to comprehend astrological influences more deeply

Your first 3 sessions (approximately 6.5 hours) are designed to be life-changing 
… And we can still explore further!

Need more convincing?

In my younger days, I used to do
6-hour to 10-hour straight-through sessions
(some even longer!)

Yes, I did!

And, these days, I have a great deal of extra information I can impart to you from your birth chart, especially as my asteroid research (as the body-text of your birth-chart) has grown exponentially, along with the number of asteroids that have been discovered, officially named, and made available for astrologers.

(I now have access to the increasingly full list of well over 24,555 officially named asteroids for chart calculations, thanks to the life-long dedicated work of Mark Pottenger and his CWAstEph Asteroid App).

However, I can no longer (mentally and physically) handle the marathon sessions. And everyone has less time available in any given day.

Plus, having a break between sessions gives me more opportunity to further research the field we have discussed together for the expression of your life’s work at this present time: some professions and systems I may already know more about, and others may have developed beyond my current awareness. I’m always investigating…

It’s important to set the overview for you first,
then in the next session we can get into deeper specifics
of your inherent opportunities for personal Mastery
within that broader context.

Plus you can also take advantage of that space between sessions to investigate the new possibilities we’d discussed in your first session; and we can then brainstorm further together with your birth-chart as our guide-map.

For you to gain the maximum benefit from my exclusive research and decades of experience with this astonishing mind-map, my advice (though not obligatory) is that you commit to booking three sessions, so that the information can be explored thoroughly in stages, giving you the chance for contemplation between each session.

The Sessions Explained

The following is usually the most helpful structure

Of course, your immediate needs are the top priority

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Session 1 : BigView

Approximately 3 hours, but I’m not pedantic about time for this 1st session — the value is in the information you need, not the time it takes;
Includes an emailed PDF of personal Suggested Resources for you after the session.

This initial session is the 1st half of your chart interpretation. It reveals your conceptual level of mind as the basis for the other sessions, and typically covers:

  • your outer life-purpose
  • any self-sabotage areas
  • the basic challenges you’ve set for yourself
  • Your natural talents (which fit into your life-purpose)
  • and pertinent past-life imprints (usually with many details from the asteroids)

This initial BigView Session has a higher fee due to the comprehensive research of your most personally significant asteroids (now from a selection of more than 24,000!) in your chart, which is my necessary prep for you.
(Some asteroid investigation continues during the session and is directed by the session itself.)

Please read the BigView Session page on this site for more details.

Microscope icon

Session 2 : InnerView

2 hours recommended — or split into 2 x 1-hour sessions (your choice)
(Further InnerView sessions can be booked at any later time, depending on the complexity of your chart and your own requirements) 

Note: I recommend that you listen again to the recording of your initial BigView session—even if you’ve made notes—close to the appointment date of your InnerView session, so the information can be integrated as a whole without me having to repeat anything, and you may spot something you need to have clarified or expanded, especially after a revelation, from your first BigView session.

InnerView is the 2nd half of your chart interpretation, and involves a deeper look at the more personal aspects of your uniqueness, as motivated by the unconscious parts of your brain, and may highlight:

  • your emotional past-life triggers,
  • mental processes & success mindset
  • communication style
  • spiritual values
  • relationship dynamics
  • physical energy dynamics
  • various spiritual attributes
  • and the 6 higher virtues in your chart that can over-ride the subtle sabotaging tendencies (usually requires a separate dedicated Innerview session)

Also offers a chance to integrate & clarify anything from your BigView session.

Some specific areas can be covered in more detail, depending on your current requirements; and it is possible to book another InnerView session for further research into these themes for you.

Living an Exceptional Purpose naturally requires the Mastery of personal enhancements through practical spiritual development to assist you to become Exceptional.

Please read the InnerView Session page on this site for more details.

StrategyTransits icon black

Session 3 : StrategyTransits

30 minutes or up to 2 hours

(your choice; useful to book a session every 12 or 6 months)

Covers the current Transits for up to 12 months ahead, for developing a strategy to:

  • clarify upcoming challenges assessed through the work we’ve already done with your chart
  • take advantage of upcoming opportunities
  • implement your potentials revealed in your previous sessions
  • flow consciously with your own life-currents; avoid pushing up-hill!

Please read the StrategyTransits Session page on this site for more details.

Notepad and pen icon black

Sessions 4+ : Progress Sessions

Two choices: 20 minutes or 45 minutes (regular or casual bookings)
Progress Sessions are now also available in the early evenings Monday to Friday

For pep-talks, clarity, or in-depth investigations to:

  • integrate and monitor progress
  • master self-sabotage instances specifically
  • assess your current choices (including also documents and designs) to avoid sabotaging influences
  • further elaboration of any area of your chart

The Difference Between
Progress & InnerView Sessions

Apart from Progress Sessions being available
for brief durations (20 minutes or 45 minutes),
the BIG DIFFERENCE is in whether I need to spend
a substantial amount of time investigating
your chart (especially more asteroids) for more
elaborate information before your session. 
(We can always go deeper!)

For a PROGRESS session,
there is NO research fee,
 — any investigation is done in real-time,
dictated by the session itself.

This also means a shorter delay
in being able to book a session
when you really need it.

For an INNERVIEW session, 
a necessary prep-research fee
included in the total session fee,
which is why it is a higher amount.

For further extensive research,
a larger fee will be agreed upon
before the session is booked. 

Please read the Progress Sessions page of this site for more information and theme suggestions.
If it’s been a while since your last session with me, and your contact details/focus have changed,
you can use the Booking Form on that page

You will find all pricing details on the Fees & Payments page of this site

Of course, if for any reason you decide you do not want to proceed with more sessions after the first one,
that is perfectly OK, as long as I have received sufficient notice for any appointment dates that have been set;
Deposits (which are your commitment) are not refunded but can be transferred to later work or services from me, or transferred to another person. My work is always for your benefit.

Some of the Benefits

from all of these sessions combined
(all from your individual birth chart)

  • bringing an understanding & value of inherent personal gifts
  • awareness of pastlife conditioning that may be sabotaging your efforts
  • understanding the source of emotional stress
  • looking at career, study choices, & challenges
  • empowering your spiritual consciousness, not your habitual ego!
  • context: gaining a bigger view of life & purpose
  • understanding your Sub-Generation (book on the way) & its valuable place in our future
 Your Initial Booking Form

Online via Skype Globally

In-House sessions are no longer available

FaceTime also available for Progress Sessions
(as sessions under one hour are not recorded)

Internet Live Video/Voice Sessions
via Skype online

Via a private ‘Skype Meeting’ (in your browser or Skype account, but you don’t need a Microsoft account)


  • Sessions now need to be recorded to the Skype (Microsoft) cloud
    OR via QuickTime on my MacBook which requires we use your voice through its speakers (not my headset)
  • I don’t use Zoom due to privacy concerns
  • Sessions now available mostly on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays within Queensland business hours (AEST) — as I’m now semi-retired to finish my book series for you!
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Time Zones Outside Australia

  • Your time zone in the Americas:
    Your evenings are best for our sessions
  • Your time zone in Europe or the African continent:
    Your early mornings are best for our sessions

Brisbane Zone: AEST
Time Zone:  AEST (10 hrs ahead of GMT)
Progress Sessions can be booked for early Brisbane evenings
(No Daylight Saving time ever in Qld)
See my current clock time on the Contact page

My personal Yogacara Astrology sessions are a major part my Exceptional Purpose Program (see my Portfolio Site)
An umbrella program linking all my services for you.
All sessions involve confidential dialogue, so that ideas can be thoroughly explored with your full participation.
I don’t offer pre-recorded chart analyses that are not dialogue situations; even for small children, at least one parent or guardian is consulted in real time.

It’s time to embrace human diversity
( NO text-book analysis here! )

interpret your astrology chart
from the point of view of your Spirit,
not your ego!

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