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ALTERNATIVELY for my astrology clients

After you’ve had a BigView Yogacara Astrology session with me, you will be emailed a FREE copy of your personal full (to date) Asteroid list (as your asteroid list has already been calculated for the session).
But if you had already bought your list within a month before your BigView astrology session, you’ll receive a free updated copy after the next monthly list update that I receive from Mark Pottenger.

Buying Your Personal Asteroid List

If you are somewhat astrology-literate,
Or simply want to see what asteroid names are out there …

Thanks to the decades-long dedication of Mark Pottenger in helping astrologers access asteroids for our work, I can now offer you a pdf file of your personal list of 24,785 (as of May 20, 2024 — the list grows monthly!) named asteroids, calculated from Mark’s CWAsteph Asteroid app.

You can also order these Lists for your
client work or research projects

For a searchable PDF output, the astrology glyphs are  replaced by the first two letters of the names of the Signs.
Column sets can be singular or double on the page, and include the Asteroid ID Number, Asteroid Name, Zodiac position (with R when retrograde).

Choose your list(s) type:

  • Zodiac order positions (from Aries to Pisces)
    for AU$25
    360˚  Sort (the most practical—see below)
  • or both Zodiac and Alphabetical listings (2 PDFs)
    for AU$40
    (though I don’t think the Alphabetical list is necessary if the PDF is searchable—see below)
  • or both Zodiac and a 30˚  Sort listings (2 PDFs)
    for AU$40
    (30˚sort is also named Degree In Signs—see below)

Still got a question?

You can email me here

Sample-Asteroids file from CWAstEph app

Sample page: zodiac listing from CWAstEph Asteroids App

Showing here a partial page of the asteroids in a Zodiac degrees sort file. The entire list (from Aries to Pisces) is around 306 pages, and best viewed in digital format.


Zodiac Order

  • Vital, as it allows you to quickly find the resonant asteroids closely Aspecting your planets and Sensitive Points by checking a 2˚  sweep on either side of a planet or Point (planets and Sensitive Point positions are listed in this sort amongst the zodiac positions of the asteroids). With basic astrological skill, you can then scroll to the zodiac position of any Aspect you choose (use the thumbnail view for faster scrolling), or search the degree number with the abbreviated sign, as in 24Pi (24-degrees Pisces) to see what asteroids are there.
  • Example: a planet at 3˚  Aries will have squares to it at 3˚  Cancer and 3˚  Capricorn, so scrolling to those latter two positions will reveal all the asteroids squaring that planet
    But remember, only the significant asteroids will relate to the basic chart dynamics — they must make sense to the chart’s story.
    — So not all asteroids at those points will be relevant. It is important that you understand the dynamics of the basic chart first before applying any asteroids.

Alphabetical Lists

  • An Alphabetical list on its own will not help you to easily find the asteroid groupings resonating at a particular degree in your chart, so I’ve included it as an optional bundle with the Zodiac List. But I really don’t think you need it.
  • Also, Alphabetical listing is not strictly necessary, because you can use the ‘Find/Search’ button in your pdf viewing app (such as Preview on Mac; or Adobe Reader and even the Kindle desktop app on Windows) to search for the name of any asteroid you’re looking for in the Zodiac listing.

Searching for Asteroid Names

  • You can try by typing a few letters, as some spellings are in foreign languages (the more common ‘Tutankhamun’ is spelled Tutenchamun as an asteroid), as are surnames (such as ‘Devine’) which can work phonetically in the chart.
  • If you want to search for a very short word such as Ur (an ancient city of Sumer), type a space in front of the word and be sure to capitalise the first letter, and do NOT put a space after the word. You will still get a list of a number of names, but most will at least START with that capital letter followed by the rest of the word, rather than getting every asteroid name that contains “ur” in it somewhere! With this Asteroid App’s PDF in Preview, I found putting the name in inverted commas didn’t work, but it may work in your PDF reader (I don’t use AdobeReader), so give it a try.

Making Margin Notes

  • In a single column page format (rather than two columns) there is enough white space beside the asteroids information for notes.
  • In Preview (Mac) click the Markup icon, then the Text icon to write a note in a text box and slide the box to be beside the relevant asteroid. Highlight the text you’ve written to format the font in the text box only (for size, font family, and colour). I type both references to meanings and Aspects notes there, such as “Ur: one of 1st ancient cities of Sumer: Sumeria | sqr Moon; trine Asc”, etc.
  • If you have an Apple Pencil on an iPad you may be able to scribble notes into that wide margin. (As a Mac person, I’m not familiar with what you can do to edit PDFs in Adobe etc on Windows now.)
  • You can also colour-highlight the asteroid names that are significant as you find them — easier to spot them later in the list.

Searching for Meanings

  • Try right-clicking on an asteroid name (works on a Mac) to quickly access a search for the asteroid name in Google, Dictionary, or Wikipedia. Asteroid names can work more personally rather than for their intended meaning, so do a general search first, and check its relevance to the whole chart. (More in my forthcoming book series and in my 2024 online courses.)

Please Consider !

  • Contrary to popular practices, the asteroids that do not Aspect planets, the luminaries, or Cardinal and Sensitive Points or the relevant Eight Transneptunian/Uranian Points, are not relevant — remember, asteroids qualify the planets and Points they contact. Not all asteroids will resonate in every chart! just as not every word in a dictionary will appear in every book, and not every black or white key on the piano will be played in every composition.
  • Also, keep all asteroid orbs to within 2°! Their effect tends to fall off after that.


  • I don’t recommend you print the list, as it’s just over 300 A4 pages! You’ll need almost a ream of paper and a goodly dollop of ink!

Payment Options

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